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library mustache.node;
abstract class Node {
Node(this.start, this.end);
// The offset of the start of the token in the file. Unless this is a section
// or inverse section, then this stores the start of the content of the
// section.
final int start;
final int end;
void accept(Visitor visitor);
void visitChildren(Visitor visitor) {}
abstract class Visitor {
void visitText(TextNode node);
void visitVariable(VariableNode node);
void visitSection(SectionNode node);
void visitPartial(PartialNode node);
class TextNode extends Node {
TextNode(this.text, int start, int end) : super(start, end);
final String text;
String toString() => '(TextNode "$_debugText" $start $end)';
String get _debugText {
var t = text.replaceAll('\n', '\\n');
return t.length < 50 ? t : t.substring(0, 48) + '...';
void accept(Visitor visitor) => visitor.visitText(this);
class VariableNode extends Node {
VariableNode(, int start, int end, {this.escape: true})
: super(start, end);
final String name;
final bool escape;
void accept(Visitor visitor) => visitor.visitVariable(this);
String toString() => '(VariableNode "$name" escape: $escape $start $end)';
class SectionNode extends Node {
SectionNode(, int start, int end, this.delimiters,
{this.inverse: false})
: contentStart = end,
super(start, end);
final String name;
final String delimiters;
final bool inverse;
final int contentStart;
int contentEnd; // Set in parser when close tag is parsed.
final List<Node> children = <Node>[];
void accept(Visitor visitor) => visitor.visitSection(this);
void visitChildren(Visitor visitor) {
children.forEach((node) => node.accept(visitor));
toString() => '(SectionNode $name inverse: $inverse $start $end)';
class PartialNode extends Node {
PartialNode(, int start, int end, this.indent) : super(start, end);
final String name;
// Used to store the preceding whitespace before a partial tag, so that
// it's content can be correctly indented.
final String indent;
void accept(Visitor visitor) => visitor.visitPartial(this);
toString() => '(PartialNode $name $start $end "$indent")';