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import 'dart:mirrors';
export 'mustache.dart' hide Template;
import 'mustache.dart' as m;
import 'src/template.dart' as t;
class Template extends t.Template {
Template(String source,
{bool lenient = false,
bool htmlEscapeValues = true,
String name,
m.PartialResolver partialResolver,
String delimiters = '{{ }}',
m.ValueResolver valueResolver})
: super.fromSource(source,
lenient: lenient,
htmlEscapeValues: htmlEscapeValues,
name: name,
partialResolver: partialResolver,
delimiters: delimiters,
valueResolver ??
(lenient ? lenientMirrorValueResolver : mirrorValueResolver));
final RegExp _validTag = RegExp(r'^[0-9a-zA-Z\_\-\.]+$');
final RegExp _integerTag = RegExp(r'^[0-9]+$');
Object mirrorValueResolver(Object object, Object name) =>
_mirrorValueResolver(object, name, lenient: false);
Object lenientMirrorValueResolver(Object object, Object name) =>
_mirrorValueResolver(object, name, lenient: true);
//FIXME name should be string right?
// Returns the property of the given object by name. For a map,
// which contains the key name, this is object[name]. For other
// objects, this is or If no property
// by the given name exists, this method returns noSuchProperty.
Object _mirrorValueResolver(Object object, Object name,
{bool lenient = false}) {
if (object is Map && object.containsKey(name)) return object[name];
if (object is List && _integerTag.hasMatch(name)) {
return object[int.parse(name)];
if (lenient && !_validTag.hasMatch(name)) return m.noSuchProperty;
var instance = reflect(object);
var field = instance.type.instanceMembers[Symbol(name)];
if (field == null) return m.noSuchProperty;
var invocation;
if ((field is VariableMirror) ||
((field is MethodMirror) && (field.isGetter))) {
invocation = instance.getField(field.simpleName);
} else if ((field is MethodMirror) &&
(field.parameters.where((p) => !p.isOptional).isEmpty)) {
invocation = instance.invoke(field.simpleName, []);
if (invocation == null) {
return m.noSuchProperty;
return invocation.reflectee;