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Flutter Gallery

NOTE: The Flutter Gallery is now deprecated, and no longer being active maintained.

Flutter Gallery was a resource to help developers evaluate and use Flutter. It is now being used primarily for testing. For posterity, the web version remains hosted here.

We recommend Flutter developers check out the following resources:

  • Wonderous (web demo, App Store, Google Play, source code):
    A Flutter app that showcases Flutter's support for elegant design and rich animations.

  • Material 3 Demo (web demo, source code):
    A Flutter app that showcases Material 3 features in the Flutter Material library.

  • Flutter Samples (samples, source code):
    A collection of open source samples that illustrate best practices for Flutter.

  • Widget catalogs (Material, Cupertino):
    Catalogs for Material, Cupertino, and other widgets available for use in UI.