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// Copyright 2014 The Flutter Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
import 'dart:io';
import 'package:meta/meta.dart';
import 'package:yaml/yaml.dart';
import 'utils.dart';
/// Loads manifest data from `manifest.yaml` file or from [yaml], if present.
Manifest loadTaskManifest([ String yaml ]) {
final dynamic manifestYaml = yaml == null
? loadYaml(file('manifest.yaml').readAsStringSync())
: loadYamlNode(yaml);
_checkType(manifestYaml is YamlMap, manifestYaml, 'Manifest', 'dictionary');
return _validateAndParseManifest(manifestYaml as YamlMap);
/// Contains CI task information.
class Manifest {
/// CI tasks.
final List<ManifestTask> tasks;
/// A CI task.
class ManifestTask {
@required this.description,
@required this.stage,
@required this.requiredAgentCapabilities,
@required this.isFlaky,
@required this.timeoutInMinutes,
@required this.onLuci,
}) {
final String taskName = 'task "$name"';
_checkIsNotBlank(name, 'Task name', taskName);
_checkIsNotBlank(description, 'Task description', taskName);
_checkIsNotBlank(stage, 'Task stage', taskName);
_checkIsNotBlank(requiredAgentCapabilities, 'requiredAgentCapabilities', taskName);
/// Task name as it appears on the dashboard.
final String name;
/// A human-readable description of the task.
final String description;
/// The stage this task should run in.
final String stage;
/// Capabilities required of the build agent to be able to perform this task.
final List<String> requiredAgentCapabilities;
/// Whether this test is flaky.
/// Flaky tests are not considered when deciding if the build is broken.
final bool isFlaky;
/// An optional custom timeout specified in minutes.
final int timeoutInMinutes;
/// (Optional) Whether this test runs on LUCI.
final bool onLuci;
/// Whether the task is supported by the current host platform
bool isSupportedByHost() {
final Set<String> supportedHosts = Set<String>.from(<String>(
(String str) => str.split('/')[0]
String hostPlatform = Platform.operatingSystem;
if (hostPlatform == 'macos') {
hostPlatform = 'mac'; // package:platform uses 'macos' while manifest.yaml uses 'mac'
return supportedHosts.contains(hostPlatform);
/// Thrown when the manifest YAML is not valid.
class ManifestError extends Error {
final String message;
String toString() => '$ManifestError: $message';
// There's no good YAML validator, at least not for Dart, so we validate
// manually. It's not too much code and produces good error messages.
Manifest _validateAndParseManifest(YamlMap manifestYaml) {
_checkKeys(manifestYaml, 'manifest', const <String>['tasks']);
return Manifest._(_validateAndParseTasks(manifestYaml['tasks']));
List<ManifestTask> _validateAndParseTasks(dynamic tasksYaml) {
_checkType(tasksYaml is YamlMap, tasksYaml, 'Value of "tasks"', 'dictionary');
final List<dynamic> sortedKeys = (tasksYaml as YamlMap).keys.toList()..sort();
return<ManifestTask>((dynamic taskName) => _validateAndParseTask(taskName, tasksYaml[taskName])).toList();
ManifestTask _validateAndParseTask(dynamic taskName, dynamic taskYaml) {
_checkType(taskName is String, taskName, 'Task name', 'string');
_checkType(taskYaml is YamlMap, taskYaml, 'Value of task "$taskName"', 'dictionary');
_checkKeys(taskYaml as YamlMap, 'Value of task "$taskName"', const <String>[
final dynamic isFlaky = taskYaml['flaky'];
if (isFlaky != null) {
_checkType(isFlaky is bool, isFlaky, 'flaky', 'boolean');
final dynamic timeoutInMinutes = taskYaml['timeout_in_minutes'];
if (timeoutInMinutes != null) {
_checkType(timeoutInMinutes is int, timeoutInMinutes, 'timeout_in_minutes', 'integer');
final List<dynamic> capabilities = _validateAndParseCapabilities(taskName as String, taskYaml['required_agent_capabilities']);
final dynamic onLuci = taskYaml['on_luci'];
if (onLuci != null) {
_checkType(onLuci is bool, onLuci, 'on_luci', 'boolean');
return ManifestTask._(
name: taskName as String,
description: taskYaml['description'] as String,
stage: taskYaml['stage'] as String,
requiredAgentCapabilities: capabilities as List<String>,
isFlaky: isFlaky as bool ?? false,
timeoutInMinutes: timeoutInMinutes as int,
onLuci: onLuci as bool ?? false,
List<String> _validateAndParseCapabilities(String taskName, dynamic capabilitiesYaml) {
_checkType(capabilitiesYaml is List, capabilitiesYaml, 'required_agent_capabilities', 'list');
for (int i = 0; i < (capabilitiesYaml as List<dynamic>).length; i++) {
final dynamic capability = capabilitiesYaml[i];
_checkType(capability is String, capability, 'required_agent_capabilities[$i]', 'string');
return (capabilitiesYaml as List<dynamic>).cast<String>();
void _checkType(bool isValid, dynamic value, String variableName, String typeName) {
if (!isValid) {
throw ManifestError(
'$variableName must be a $typeName but was ${value.runtimeType}: $value',
void _checkIsNotBlank(dynamic value, String variableName, String ownerName) {
if (value == null || value is String && value.isEmpty || value is List<dynamic> && value.isEmpty) {
throw ManifestError('$variableName must not be empty in $ownerName.');
void _checkKeys(Map<dynamic, dynamic> map, String variableName, List<String> allowedKeys) {
for (final String key in map.keys.cast<String>()) {
if (!allowedKeys.contains(key)) {
throw ManifestError(
'Unrecognized property "$key" in $variableName. '
'Allowed properties: ${allowedKeys.join(', ')}');