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// Copyright 2013 The Flutter Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "third_party/dart/runtime/include/dart_api.h"
#include "tonic/common/macros.h"
#include "tonic/converter/dart_converter.h"
#include "tonic/dart_state.h"
#include "tonic/dart_wrapper_info.h"
#include "tonic/logging/dart_error.h"
#include <type_traits>
namespace tonic {
// DartWrappable is a base class that you can inherit from in order to be
// exposed to Dart code as an interface.
class DartWrappable {
enum DartNativeFields {
kPeerIndex, // Must be first to work with Dart_GetNativeReceiver.
DartWrappable() : dart_wrapper_(nullptr) {}
// Subclasses that wish to expose a new interface must override this function
// and provide information about their wrapper. There is no need to call your
// base class's implementation of this function.
// Implement using IMPLEMENT_WRAPPERTYPEINFO macro
virtual const DartWrapperInfo& GetDartWrapperInfo() const = 0;
// Override this to customize the object size reported to the Dart garbage
// collector.
// Implement using IMPLEMENT_WRAPPERTYPEINFO macro
virtual size_t GetAllocationSize();
virtual void RetainDartWrappableReference() const = 0;
virtual void ReleaseDartWrappableReference() const = 0;
// Use this method sparingly. It follows a slower path using Dart_New.
// Prefer constructing the object in Dart code and using
// AssociateWithDartWrapper.
Dart_Handle CreateDartWrapper(DartState* dart_state);
void AssociateWithDartWrapper(Dart_Handle wrappable);
void ClearDartWrapper(); // Warning: Might delete this.
Dart_WeakPersistentHandle dart_wrapper() const { return dart_wrapper_; }
virtual ~DartWrappable();
static Dart_PersistentHandle GetTypeForWrapper(
tonic::DartState* dart_state,
const tonic::DartWrapperInfo& wrapper_info);
static void FinalizeDartWrapper(void* isolate_callback_data,
Dart_WeakPersistentHandle wrapper,
void* peer);
Dart_WeakPersistentHandle dart_wrapper_;
public: \
const tonic::DartWrapperInfo& GetDartWrapperInfo() const override { \
return dart_wrapper_info_; \
} \
static Dart_PersistentHandle GetDartType(tonic::DartState* dart_state) { \
return GetTypeForWrapper(dart_state, dart_wrapper_info_); \
} \
private: \
static const tonic::DartWrapperInfo& dart_wrapper_info_
#define IMPLEMENT_WRAPPERTYPEINFO(LibraryName, ClassName) \
static const tonic::DartWrapperInfo \
kDartWrapperInfo_##LibraryName_##ClassName = { \
#LibraryName, \
#ClassName, \
sizeof(ClassName), \
}; \
const tonic::DartWrapperInfo& ClassName::dart_wrapper_info_ = \
struct DartConverterWrappable {
static DartWrappable* FromDart(Dart_Handle handle);
static DartWrappable* FromArguments(Dart_NativeArguments args,
int index,
Dart_Handle& exception);
template <typename T>
struct DartConverter<
typename std::enable_if<
std::is_convertible<T*, const DartWrappable*>::value>::type> {
static Dart_Handle ToDart(DartWrappable* val) {
if (!val)
return Dart_Null();
if (Dart_WeakPersistentHandle wrapper = val->dart_wrapper())
return Dart_HandleFromWeakPersistent(wrapper);
return val->CreateDartWrapper(DartState::Current());
static void SetReturnValue(Dart_NativeArguments args,
DartWrappable* val,
bool auto_scope = true) {
if (!val)
Dart_SetReturnValue(args, Dart_Null());
else if (Dart_WeakPersistentHandle wrapper = val->dart_wrapper())
Dart_SetWeakHandleReturnValue(args, wrapper);
Dart_SetReturnValue(args, val->CreateDartWrapper(DartState::Current()));
static T* FromDart(Dart_Handle handle) {
// TODO(abarth): We're missing a type check.
return static_cast<T*>(DartConverterWrappable::FromDart(handle));
static T* FromArguments(Dart_NativeArguments args,
int index,
Dart_Handle& exception,
bool auto_scope = true) {
// TODO(abarth): We're missing a type check.
return static_cast<T*>(
DartConverterWrappable::FromArguments(args, index, exception));
// Support for generic smart pointers that have a "get" method that returns a
// pointer to a type that is Dart convertible as well as a constructor that
// adopts a raw pointer to that type.
template <template <typename T> class PTR, typename T>
struct DartConverter<PTR<T>> {
static Dart_Handle ToDart(const PTR<T>& val) {
return DartConverter<T*>::ToDart(val.get());
static PTR<T> FromDart(Dart_Handle handle) {
return DartConverter<T*>::FromDart(handle);
static PTR<T> FromArguments(Dart_NativeArguments args,
int index,
Dart_Handle& exception,
bool auto_scope = true) {
return PTR<T>(
DartConverter<T*>::FromArguments(args, index, exception, auto_scope));
static void SetReturnValue(Dart_NativeArguments args,
const PTR<T>& val,
bool auto_scope = true) {
DartConverter<T*>::SetReturnValue(args, val.get());
template <template <typename T> class PTR, typename T>
struct DartListFactory<
typename std::enable_if<
std::is_convertible<T*, const DartWrappable*>::value>::type> {
static Dart_Handle NewList(intptr_t length) {
Dart_PersistentHandle type = T::GetDartType(DartState::Current());
return Dart_NewListOfType(Dart_HandleFromPersistent(type), length);
template <typename T>
inline T* GetReceiver(Dart_NativeArguments args) {
intptr_t receiver;
Dart_Handle result = Dart_GetNativeReceiver(args, &receiver);
if (!receiver)
Dart_ThrowException(ToDart("Object has been disposed."));
return static_cast<T*>(reinterpret_cast<DartWrappable*>(receiver));
} // namespace tonic