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# This expects the device to be in zedboot mode, with a zedboot that is
# is compatible with the Fuchsia system image provided.
# The first and only parameter should be the path to the Fuchsia system image
# tarball, e.g. `./ generic-x64.tgz`.
# This script expects `pm`, `dev_finder`, and `fuchsia_ctl` to all be in the
# same directory as the script, as well as the `flutter_aot_runner-0.far` and
# the `flutter_runner_tests-0.far`. It is written to be run from its own
# directory, and will fail if run from other directories or via sym-links.
set -Ee
# The nodes are named blah-blah--four-word-fuchsia-id
if [ -z "$device_name" ]
echo "No device found. Aborting."
exit 1
echo "Connecting to device $device_name"
reboot() {
echo "Dumping system logs..."
./fuchsia_ctl -d $device_name ssh \
-c "log_listener --dump_logs yes"
# note: this will set an exit code of 255, which we can ignore.
./fuchsia_ctl -d $device_name ssh -c "dm reboot-recovery" || true
trap reboot EXIT
./fuchsia_ctl -d $device_name pave -i $1
for i in {1..10}; do
./fuchsia_ctl -d $device_name ssh -c "echo up" && break || sleep 15;
# TODO(gw280): Enable tests using JIT runner
./fuchsia_ctl -d $device_name test \
-f flutter_aot_runner-0.far \
-f flutter_runner_tests-0.far \
-t flutter_runner_tests
# Re-enable once the crash is resolved
#./fuchsia_ctl -d $device_name test \
# -f flutter_aot_runner-0.far \
# -f flutter_runner_scenic_tests-0.far \
# -t flutter_runner_scenic_tests
# TODO( Enable after the
# Fuchsia message loop migration is complete.
./fuchsia_ctl -d $device_name test \
-f fml_tests-0.far \
-t fml_tests \
-a "--gtest_filter=-MessageLoop*:Message*:FileTest*"
./fuchsia_ctl -d $device_name test \
-f flow_tests-0.far \
-t flow_tests
./fuchsia_ctl -d $device_name test \
-f runtime_tests-0.far \
-t runtime_tests
# TODO( Re-enable
# OnServiceProtocolGetSkSLsWorks once it passes on Fuchsia.
./fuchsia_ctl -d $device_name test \
-f shell_tests-0.far \
-t shell_tests \
-a "--gtest_filter=-ShellTest.CacheSkSLWorks:ShellTest.SetResourceCacheSize*:ShellTest.OnServiceProtocolGetSkSLsWorks"