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// Copyright 2013 The Flutter Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <cstdint>
#include "flutter/fml/macros.h"
#include "third_party/skia/include/gpu/GrDirectContext.h"
namespace flutter {
namespace testing {
class TestGLSurface {
TestGLSurface(SkISize surface_size);
const SkISize& GetSurfaceSize() const;
bool MakeCurrent();
bool ClearCurrent();
bool Present();
uint32_t GetFramebuffer(uint32_t width, uint32_t height) const;
bool MakeResourceCurrent();
void* GetProcAddress(const char* name) const;
sk_sp<SkSurface> GetOnscreenSurface();
sk_sp<GrDirectContext> GetGrContext();
sk_sp<GrDirectContext> CreateGrContext();
sk_sp<SkImage> GetRasterSurfaceSnapshot();
uint32_t GetWindowFBOId() const;
// Importing the EGL.h pulls in platform headers which are problematic
// (especially X11 which #defineds types like Bool). Any TUs importing
// this header then become susceptible to failures because of platform
// specific craziness. Don't expose EGL internals via this header.
using EGLDisplay = void*;
using EGLContext = void*;
using EGLSurface = void*;
const SkISize surface_size_;
EGLDisplay display_;
EGLContext onscreen_context_;
EGLContext offscreen_context_;
EGLSurface onscreen_surface_;
EGLSurface offscreen_surface_;
sk_sp<GrDirectContext> context_;
} // namespace testing
} // namespace flutter