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// Copyright 2013 The Flutter Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <memory>
#include <string>
#include <utility>
#include "flutter/common/settings.h"
#include "flutter/common/task_runners.h"
#include "flutter/flow/skia_gpu_object.h"
#include "flutter/fml/build_config.h"
#include "flutter/fml/memory/weak_ptr.h"
#include "flutter/fml/synchronization/waitable_event.h"
#include "flutter/lib/ui/io_manager.h"
#include "flutter/lib/ui/isolate_name_server/isolate_name_server.h"
#include "flutter/lib/ui/painting/image_decoder.h"
#include "flutter/lib/ui/snapshot_delegate.h"
#include "flutter/lib/ui/volatile_path_tracker.h"
#include "third_party/dart/runtime/include/dart_api.h"
#include "third_party/skia/include/gpu/GrDirectContext.h"
#include "third_party/tonic/dart_microtask_queue.h"
#include "third_party/tonic/dart_persistent_value.h"
#include "third_party/tonic/dart_state.h"
namespace flutter {
class FontSelector;
class ImageGeneratorRegistry;
class PlatformConfiguration;
class UIDartState : public tonic::DartState {
static UIDartState* Current();
/// @brief The subset of state which is owned by the shell or engine
/// and passed through the RuntimeController into DartIsolates.
/// If a shell-owned resource needs to be exposed to the framework via
/// UIDartState, a pointer to the resource can be added to this
/// struct with appropriate default construction.
struct Context {
Context(const TaskRunners& task_runners);
Context(const TaskRunners& task_runners,
fml::WeakPtr<SnapshotDelegate> snapshot_delegate,
fml::WeakPtr<IOManager> io_manager,
fml::RefPtr<SkiaUnrefQueue> unref_queue,
fml::WeakPtr<ImageDecoder> image_decoder,
fml::WeakPtr<ImageGeneratorRegistry> image_generator_registry,
std::string advisory_script_uri,
std::string advisory_script_entrypoint,
std::shared_ptr<VolatilePathTracker> volatile_path_tracker);
/// The task runners used by the shell hosting this runtime controller. This
/// may be used by the isolate to scheduled asynchronous texture uploads or
/// post tasks to the platform task runner.
const TaskRunners task_runners;
/// The snapshot delegate used by the
/// isolate to gather raster snapshots
/// of Flutter view hierarchies.
fml::WeakPtr<SnapshotDelegate> snapshot_delegate;
/// The IO manager used by the isolate for asynchronous texture uploads.
fml::WeakPtr<IOManager> io_manager;
/// The unref queue used by the isolate to collect resources that may
/// reference resources on the GPU.
fml::RefPtr<SkiaUnrefQueue> unref_queue;
/// The image decoder.
fml::WeakPtr<ImageDecoder> image_decoder;
/// Cascading registry of image generator builders. Given compressed image
/// bytes as input, this is used to find and create image generators, which
/// can then be used for image decoding.
fml::WeakPtr<ImageGeneratorRegistry> image_generator_registry;
/// The advisory script URI (only used for debugging). This does not affect
/// the code being run in the isolate in any way.
std::string advisory_script_uri;
/// The advisory script entrypoint (only used for debugging). This does not
/// affect the code being run in the isolate in any way. The isolate must be
/// transitioned to the running state explicitly by the caller.
std::string advisory_script_entrypoint;
/// Cache for tracking path volatility.
std::shared_ptr<VolatilePathTracker> volatile_path_tracker;
Dart_Port main_port() const { return main_port_; }
// Root isolate of the VM application
bool IsRootIsolate() const { return is_root_isolate_; }
static void ThrowIfUIOperationsProhibited();
void SetDebugName(const std::string name);
const std::string& debug_name() const { return debug_name_; }
const std::string& logger_prefix() const { return logger_prefix_; }
PlatformConfiguration* platform_configuration() const {
return platform_configuration_.get();
const TaskRunners& GetTaskRunners() const;
void ScheduleMicrotask(Dart_Handle handle);
void FlushMicrotasksNow();
fml::WeakPtr<IOManager> GetIOManager() const;
fml::RefPtr<flutter::SkiaUnrefQueue> GetSkiaUnrefQueue() const;
std::shared_ptr<VolatilePathTracker> GetVolatilePathTracker() const;
fml::WeakPtr<SnapshotDelegate> GetSnapshotDelegate() const;
fml::WeakPtr<GrDirectContext> GetResourceContext() const;
fml::WeakPtr<ImageDecoder> GetImageDecoder() const;
fml::WeakPtr<ImageGeneratorRegistry> GetImageGeneratorRegistry() const;
std::shared_ptr<IsolateNameServer> GetIsolateNameServer() const;
tonic::DartErrorHandleType GetLastError();
void ReportUnhandledException(const std::string& error,
const std::string& stack_trace);
// Logs `print` messages from the application via an embedder-specified
// logging mechanism.
// @param[in] tag A component name or tag that identifies the logging
// application.
// @param[in] message The message to be logged.
void LogMessage(const std::string& tag, const std::string& message) const;
bool enable_skparagraph() const;
bool enable_display_list() const;
template <class T>
static flutter::SkiaGPUObject<T> CreateGPUObject(sk_sp<T> object) {
if (!object) {
return {};
auto* state = UIDartState::Current();
auto queue = state->GetSkiaUnrefQueue();
return {std::move(object), std::move(queue)};
UIDartState(TaskObserverAdd add_callback,
TaskObserverRemove remove_callback,
std::string logger_prefix,
UnhandledExceptionCallback unhandled_exception_callback,
LogMessageCallback log_message_callback,
std::shared_ptr<IsolateNameServer> isolate_name_server,
bool is_root_isolate_,
bool enable_skparagraph,
bool enable_display_list,
const UIDartState::Context& context);
~UIDartState() override;
void SetPlatformConfiguration(
std::unique_ptr<PlatformConfiguration> platform_configuration);
const std::string& GetAdvisoryScriptURI() const;
const std::string& GetAdvisoryScriptEntrypoint() const;
void DidSetIsolate() override;
const TaskObserverAdd add_callback_;
const TaskObserverRemove remove_callback_;
const std::string logger_prefix_;
Dart_Port main_port_ = ILLEGAL_PORT;
const bool is_root_isolate_;
std::string debug_name_;
std::unique_ptr<PlatformConfiguration> platform_configuration_;
tonic::DartMicrotaskQueue microtask_queue_;
UnhandledExceptionCallback unhandled_exception_callback_;
LogMessageCallback log_message_callback_;
const std::shared_ptr<IsolateNameServer> isolate_name_server_;
const bool enable_skparagraph_;
const bool enable_display_list_;
UIDartState::Context context_;
void AddOrRemoveTaskObserver(bool add);
} // namespace flutter