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// Copyright 2013 The Flutter Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// TODO(dnfield): remove unused_element ignores when is resolved.
// @dart = 2.12
part of dart.ui;
// Corelib 'print' implementation.
void _print(dynamic arg) {
void _printDebug(dynamic arg) {
class _Logger {
static void _printString(String? s) native 'Logger_PrintString';
static void _printDebugString(String? s) native 'Logger_PrintDebugString';
// If we actually run on big endian machines, we'll need to do something smarter
// here. We don't use [Endian.Host] because it's not a compile-time
// constant and can't propagate into the set/get calls.
const Endian _kFakeHostEndian = Endian.little;
// A service protocol extension to schedule a frame to be rendered into the
// window.
Future<developer.ServiceExtensionResponse> _scheduleFrame(
String method,
Map<String, String> parameters
) async {
// Schedule the frame.
// Always succeed.
return developer.ServiceExtensionResponse.result(json.encode(<String, String>{
'type': 'Success',
void _setupHooks() { // ignore: unused_element
assert(() {
// In debug mode, register the schedule frame extension.
developer.registerExtension('ext.ui.window.scheduleFrame', _scheduleFrame);
return true;
/// Returns runtime Dart compilation trace as a UTF-8 encoded memory buffer.
/// The buffer contains a list of symbols compiled by the Dart JIT at runtime up
/// to the point when this function was called. This list can be saved to a text
/// file and passed to tools such as `flutter build` or Dart `gen_snapshot` in
/// order to pre-compile this code offline.
/// The list has one symbol per line of the following format:
/// `<namespace>,<class>,<symbol>\n`.
/// Here are some examples:
/// ```
/// dart:core,Duration,get:inMilliseconds
/// package:flutter/src/widgets/binding.dart,::,runApp
/// file:///.../my_app.dart,::,main
/// ```
/// This function is only effective in debug and dynamic modes, and will throw in AOT mode.
List<int> saveCompilationTrace() {
throw UnimplementedError();
void _scheduleMicrotask(void Function() callback) native 'ScheduleMicrotask';
int? _getCallbackHandle(Function closure) native 'GetCallbackHandle';
Function? _getCallbackFromHandle(int handle) native 'GetCallbackFromHandle';
// Required for gen_snapshot to work correctly.
int? _isolateId; // ignore: unused_element
Function _getPrintClosure() => _print;
Function _getScheduleMicrotaskClosure() => _scheduleMicrotask;