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// Copyright 2013 The Flutter Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <mutex>
#include "flutter/common/settings.h"
#include "flutter/flow/raster_cache.h"
#include "flutter/fml/macros.h"
#include "flutter/fml/time/time_delta.h"
#include "flutter/fml/time/time_point.h"
#define TRACE_EVENT_WITH_FRAME_NUMBER(recorder, category_group, name) \
TRACE_EVENT1(category_group, name, "frame_number", \
namespace flutter {
/// Records timestamps for various phases of a frame rendering process.
/// Recorder is created on vsync and destroyed after the rasterization of the
/// frame. This class is thread safe and doesn't require additional
/// synchronization.
class FrameTimingsRecorder {
/// Various states that the recorder can be in. When created the recorder is
/// in an unitialized state and transtions in sequential order of the states.
enum class State : uint32_t {
/// Default constructor, initializes the recorder with State::kUninitialized.
/// Constructor with a pre-populated frame number.
FrameTimingsRecorder(uint64_t frame_number);
/// Timestamp of the vsync signal.
fml::TimePoint GetVsyncStartTime() const;
/// Timestamp of when the frame was targeted to be presented.
/// This is typically the next vsync signal timestamp.
fml::TimePoint GetVsyncTargetTime() const;
/// Timestamp of when the frame building started.
fml::TimePoint GetBuildStartTime() const;
/// Timestamp of when the frame was finished building.
fml::TimePoint GetBuildEndTime() const;
/// Timestamp of when the frame rasterization started.
fml::TimePoint GetRasterStartTime() const;
/// Timestamp of when the frame rasterization finished.
fml::TimePoint GetRasterEndTime() const;
/// Timestamp of when the frame rasterization is complete in wall-time.
fml::TimePoint GetRasterEndWallTime() const;
/// Duration of the frame build time.
fml::TimeDelta GetBuildDuration() const;
/// Count of the layer cache entries
size_t GetLayerCacheCount() const;
/// Total Bytes in all layer cache entries
size_t GetLayerCacheBytes() const;
/// Count of the picture cache entries
size_t GetPictureCacheCount() const;
/// Total Bytes in all picture cache entries
size_t GetPictureCacheBytes() const;
/// Records a vsync event.
void RecordVsync(fml::TimePoint vsync_start, fml::TimePoint vsync_target);
/// Records a build start event.
void RecordBuildStart(fml::TimePoint build_start);
/// Records a build end event.
void RecordBuildEnd(fml::TimePoint build_end);
/// Records a raster start event.
void RecordRasterStart(fml::TimePoint raster_start,
const RasterCache* cache = nullptr);
/// Clones the recorder until (and including) the specified state.
std::unique_ptr<FrameTimingsRecorder> CloneUntil(State state);
/// Records a raster end event, and builds a `FrameTiming` that summarizes all
/// the events. This summary is sent to the framework.
FrameTiming RecordRasterEnd(const RasterCache* cache = nullptr);
/// Returns the frame number. Frame number is unique per frame and a frame
/// built earlier will have a frame number less than a frame that has been
/// built at a later point of time.
uint64_t GetFrameNumber() const;
/// Returns the frame number in a fml tracing friendly format.
const char* GetFrameNumberTraceArg() const;
/// Returns the recorded time from when `RecordRasterEnd` is called.
FrameTiming GetRecordedTime() const;
static std::atomic<uint64_t> frame_number_gen_;
mutable std::mutex state_mutex_;
State state_ = State::kUninitialized;
const uint64_t frame_number_;
const std::string frame_number_trace_arg_val_;
fml::TimePoint vsync_start_;
fml::TimePoint vsync_target_;
fml::TimePoint build_start_;
fml::TimePoint build_end_;
fml::TimePoint raster_start_;
fml::TimePoint raster_end_;
fml::TimePoint raster_end_wall_time_;
int sweep_count_at_raster_start_;
size_t layer_cache_count_;
size_t layer_cache_bytes_;
size_t picture_cache_count_;
size_t picture_cache_bytes_;
// Set when `RecordRasterEnd` is called. Cannot be reset once set.
FrameTiming timing_;
} // namespace flutter