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// Copyright 2013 The Flutter Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <map>
#include <optional>
#include <vector>
#include "flutter/flow/paint_region.h"
#include "flutter/fml/logging.h"
#include "flutter/fml/macros.h"
#include "third_party/skia/include/core/SkMatrix.h"
#include "third_party/skia/include/core/SkRect.h"
namespace flutter {
class Layer;
// Represents area that needs to be updated in front buffer (frame_damage) and
// area that is going to be painted to in back buffer (buffer_damage).
struct Damage {
// This is the damage between current and previous frame;
// If embedder supports partial update, this is the region that needs to be
// repainted.
// Corresponds to "surface damage" from EGL_KHR_partial_update.
SkIRect frame_damage;
// Reflects actual change to target framebuffer; This is frame_damage +
// damage previously acumulated for target framebuffer.
// All drawing will be clipped to this region. Knowing the affected area
// upfront may be useful for tile based GPUs.
// Corresponds to "buffer damage" from EGL_KHR_partial_update.
SkIRect buffer_damage;
// Layer Unique Id to PaintRegion
using PaintRegionMap = std::map<uint64_t, PaintRegion>;
// Tracks state during tree diffing process and computes resulting damage
class DiffContext {
explicit DiffContext(SkISize frame_size,
double device_pixel_aspect_ratio,
PaintRegionMap& this_frame_paint_region_map,
const PaintRegionMap& last_frame_paint_region_map);
// Starts a new subtree.
void BeginSubtree();
// Ends current subtree; All modifications to state (transform, cullrect,
// dirty) will be restored
void EndSubtree();
// Creates subtree in current scope and closes it on scope exit
class AutoSubtreeRestore {
explicit AutoSubtreeRestore(DiffContext* context) : context_(context) {
~AutoSubtreeRestore() { context_->EndSubtree(); }
DiffContext* context_;
// Pushes additional transform for current subtree
void PushTransform(const SkMatrix& transform);
// Pushes cull rect for current subtree
bool PushCullRect(const SkRect& clip);
// Returns transform matrix for current subtree
const SkMatrix& GetTransform() const { return state_.transform; }
// Overrides transform matrix for current subtree
void SetTransform(const SkMatrix& transform);
// Return cull rect for current subtree (in local coordinates)
SkRect GetCullRect() const;
// Sets the dirty flag on current subtree;
// previous_paint_region, which should represent region of previous subtree
// at this level will be added to damage area.
// Each paint region added to dirty subtree (through AddPaintRegion) is also
// added to damage.
void MarkSubtreeDirty(
const PaintRegion& previous_paint_region = PaintRegion());
bool IsSubtreeDirty() const { return state_.dirty; }
// Add layer bounds to current paint region; rect is in "local" (layer)
// coordinates.
void AddLayerBounds(const SkRect& rect);
// Add entire paint region of retained layer for current subtree. This can
// only be used in subtrees that are not dirty, otherwise ancestor transforms
// or clips may result in different paint region.
void AddExistingPaintRegion(const PaintRegion& region);
// The idea of readback region is that if any part of the readback region
// needs to be repainted, then the whole readback region must be repainted;
// Readback rect is in screen coordinates.
void AddReadbackRegion(const SkIRect& rect);
// Returns the paint region for current subtree; Each rect in paint region is
// in screen coordinates; Once a layer accumulates the paint regions of its
// children, this PaintRegion value can be associated with the current layer
// using DiffContext::SetLayerPaintRegion.
PaintRegion CurrentSubtreeRegion() const;
// Computes final damage
// additional_damage is the previously accumulated frame_damage for
// current framebuffer
Damage ComputeDamage(const SkIRect& additional_damage) const;
double frame_device_pixel_ratio() const { return frame_device_pixel_ratio_; };
// Adds the region to current damage. Used for removed layers, where instead
// of diffing the layer its paint region is direcly added to damage.
void AddDamage(const PaintRegion& damage);
// Associates the paint region with specified layer and current layer tree.
// The paint region can not be stored directly in layer itself, because same
// retained layer instance can possibly paint in different locations depending
// on ancestor layers.
void SetLayerPaintRegion(const Layer* layer, const PaintRegion& region);
// Retrieves the paint region associated with specified layer and previous
// frame layer tree.
PaintRegion GetOldLayerPaintRegion(const Layer* layer) const;
class Statistics {
// Picture replaced by different picture
void AddNewPicture() { ++new_pictures_; }
// Picture that would require deep comparison but was considered too complex
// to serialize and thus was treated as new picture
void AddPictureTooComplexToCompare() { ++pictures_too_complex_to_compare_; }
// Picture that has identical instance between frames
void AddSameInstancePicture() { ++same_instance_pictures_; };
// Picture that had to be serialized to compare for equality
void AddDeepComparePicture() { ++deep_compare_pictures_; }
// Picture that had to be serialized to compare (different instances),
// but were equal
void AddDifferentInstanceButEqualPicture() {
// Logs the statistics to trace counter
void LogStatistics();
int new_pictures_ = 0;
int pictures_too_complex_to_compare_ = 0;
int same_instance_pictures_ = 0;
int deep_compare_pictures_ = 0;
int different_instance_but_equal_pictures_ = 0;
Statistics& statistics() { return statistics_; }
struct State {
bool dirty;
SkRect cull_rect; // in screen coordinates
// In order to replicate paint process closely, we need both the original
// transform, and the overriden transform (set for layers that need to paint
// on integer coordinates). The reason for this is that during paint the
// transform matrix is overriden only after layer passes the cull check
// first (with original transform). So to cull layer we use transform, but
// to get paint coordinates we use transform_override. Child layers are
// painted after transform override, so if set we use transform_override as
// base when diffing child layers.
SkMatrix transform;
std::optional<SkMatrix> transform_override;
size_t rect_index_;
std::shared_ptr<std::vector<SkRect>> rects_;
State state_;
SkISize frame_size_;
double frame_device_pixel_ratio_;
std::vector<State> state_stack_;
SkRect damage_ = SkRect::MakeEmpty();
PaintRegionMap& this_frame_paint_region_map_;
const PaintRegionMap& last_frame_paint_region_map_;
void AddDamage(const SkRect& rect);
struct Readback {
// Index of rects_ entry that this readback belongs to. Used to
// determine if subtree has any readback
size_t position;
// readback area, in screen coordinates
SkIRect rect;
std::vector<Readback> readbacks_;
Statistics statistics_;
} // namespace flutter