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#!/usr/bin/env python
# Copyright 2013 The Flutter Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import argparse
import subprocess
import sys
import os
SRC_ROOT = os.path.dirname(os.path.dirname(os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(__file__))))
def get_out_dir(args):
if args.target_os is not None:
target_dir = [args.target_os]
target_dir = ['host']
runtime_mode = args.runtime_mode
if args.simulator:
if args.unoptimized:
if args.target_os != 'ios' and args.interpreter:
if args.android_cpu != 'arm':
if args.ios_cpu != 'arm64':
if args.linux_cpu is not None:
if args.target_os == 'fuchsia' and args.fuchsia_cpu is not None:
if args.enable_vulkan:
return os.path.join(args.out_dir, 'out', '_'.join(target_dir))
def to_command_line(gn_args):
def merge(key, value):
if type(value) is bool:
return '%s=%s' % (key, 'true' if value else 'false')
return '%s="%s"' % (key, value)
return [merge(x, y) for x, y in gn_args.iteritems()]
def cpu_for_target_arch(arch):
if arch in ['ia32', 'arm', 'armv6', 'armv5te', 'mips',
'simarm', 'simarmv6', 'simarmv5te', 'simmips', 'simdbc',
return 'x86'
if arch in ['x64', 'arm64', 'simarm64', 'simdbc64', 'armsimdbc64']:
return 'x64'
def to_gn_args(args):
if args.simulator:
if args.target_os == 'android':
raise Exception('--simulator is not supported on Android')
elif args.target_os == 'ios':
if args.runtime_mode != 'debug':
raise Exception('iOS simulator only supports the debug runtime mode')
if args.target_os != 'android' and args.enable_vulkan:
raise Exception('--enable-vulkan is only supported on Android')
runtime_mode = args.runtime_mode
gn_args = {}
if args.bitcode:
if args.target_os != 'ios':
raise Exception('Bitcode is only supported for iOS')
if runtime_mode != 'release':
gn_args['bitcode_marker'] = True
gn_args['enable_bitcode'] = args.bitcode
# Skia GN args.
gn_args['skia_enable_flutter_defines'] = True # Enable Flutter API guards in Skia.
gn_args['skia_use_dng_sdk'] = False # RAW image handling.
gn_args['skia_use_sfntly'] = False # PDF handling dependency.
gn_args['skia_enable_pdf'] = False # PDF handling.
gn_args['skia_use_x11'] = False # Never add the X11 dependency (only takes effect on Linux).
gn_args['skia_use_wuffs'] = True
gn_args['skia_use_expat'] = args.target_os == 'android'
gn_args['skia_use_fontconfig'] = args.enable_fontconfig
gn_args['flutter_use_fontconfig'] = args.enable_fontconfig
gn_args['flutter_enable_skshaper'] = args.enable_skshaper
if args.enable_skshaper:
gn_args['skia_use_icu'] = True
gn_args['is_official_build'] = True # Disable Skia test utilities.
gn_args['dart_component_kind'] = 'static_library' # Always link Dart in statically.
gn_args['is_debug'] = args.unoptimized
gn_args['android_full_debug'] = args.target_os == 'android' and args.unoptimized
if args.clang is None:
# Android gen_snapshot currently isn't buildable with clang on Windows.
# For everything else, default to clang.
gn_args['is_clang'] = not (sys.platform.startswith(('cygwin', 'win')) and
args.target_os == 'android')
gn_args['is_clang'] = args.clang
if args.target_os == 'android' or args.target_os == 'ios':
gn_args['skia_gl_standard'] = 'gles'
# We explicitly don't want to pick GL because we run GLES tests using SwiftShader.
gn_args['skia_gl_standard'] = ''
if not sys.platform.startswith(('cygwin', 'win')):
gn_args['use_clang_static_analyzer'] = args.clang_static_analyzer
gn_args['embedder_for_target'] = args.embedder_for_target
gn_args['enable_coverage'] = args.coverage
if args.operator_new_alignment is not None:
gn_args['operator_new_alignment'] = args.operator_new_alignment
enable_lto = args.lto
if args.unoptimized:
# There is no point in enabling LTO in unoptimized builds.
enable_lto = False
if not sys.platform.startswith('win'):
# The GN arg is not available in the windows toolchain.
gn_args['enable_lto'] = enable_lto
if args.target_os == 'android':
gn_args['target_os'] = 'android'
elif args.target_os == 'ios':
gn_args['target_os'] = 'ios'
gn_args['use_ios_simulator'] = args.simulator
elif args.target_os is not None:
gn_args['target_os'] = args.target_os
gn_args['dart_lib_export_symbols'] = False
if runtime_mode == 'debug':
gn_args['dart_runtime_mode'] = 'develop'
elif runtime_mode == 'jit_release':
gn_args['dart_runtime_mode'] = 'release';
gn_args['dart_runtime_mode'] = runtime_mode
if args.dart_debug:
gn_args['dart_debug'] = True
if args.full_dart_debug:
gn_args['dart_debug'] = True
gn_args['dart_debug_optimization_level'] = '0'
if args.target_os == 'android':
gn_args['target_cpu'] = args.android_cpu
elif args.target_os == 'ios':
if args.simulator:
gn_args['target_cpu'] = 'x64'
gn_args['target_cpu'] = args.ios_cpu
elif args.target_os == 'linux':
gn_args['target_cpu'] = args.linux_cpu
elif args.target_os == 'fuchsia':
gn_args['target_cpu'] = args.fuchsia_cpu
# Building host artifacts
gn_args['target_cpu'] = 'x64'
# DBC is not supported anymore.
if args.interpreter:
raise Exception('--interpreter is no longer needed on any supported platform.')
gn_args['dart_target_arch'] = gn_args['target_cpu']
if sys.platform.startswith(('cygwin', 'win')):
if 'target_cpu' in gn_args:
gn_args['target_cpu'] = cpu_for_target_arch(gn_args['target_cpu'])
if args.target_os is None:
if sys.platform.startswith(('cygwin', 'win')):
gn_args['dart_use_fallback_root_certificates'] = True
gn_args['dart_custom_version_for_pub'] = 'flutter'
# Make sure host_cpu matches the bit width of target_cpu on x86.
if gn_args['target_cpu'] == 'x86':
gn_args['host_cpu'] = 'x86'
gn_args['flutter_runtime_mode'] = runtime_mode
if args.target_sysroot:
gn_args['target_sysroot'] = args.target_sysroot
gn_args['custom_sysroot'] = args.target_sysroot
if args.target_toolchain:
gn_args['custom_toolchain'] = args.target_toolchain
if args.target_triple:
gn_args['custom_target_triple'] = args.target_triple
goma_dir = os.environ.get('GOMA_DIR')
goma_home_dir = os.path.join(os.getenv('HOME', ''), 'goma')
# GOMA has a different default (home) path on gWindows.
if not os.path.exists(goma_home_dir) and sys.platform.startswith(('cygwin', 'win')):
goma_home_dir = os.path.join('c:\\', 'src', 'goma', 'goma-win64')
if args.goma and goma_dir:
gn_args['use_goma'] = True
gn_args['goma_dir'] = goma_dir
elif args.goma and os.path.exists(goma_home_dir):
gn_args['use_goma'] = True
gn_args['goma_dir'] = goma_home_dir
gn_args['use_goma'] = False
gn_args['goma_dir'] = None
# Enable Metal on non-simulator iOS builds.
if args.target_os == 'ios' and not args.simulator:
gn_args['skia_use_metal'] = True
gn_args['shell_enable_metal'] = True
# Bitcode enabled builds using the current version of the toolchain leak
# C++ symbols decorated with the availability attribute. Disable these
# attributes in release modes till the toolchain is updated.
gn_args['skia_enable_api_available_macro'] = args.runtime_mode != "release"
if args.enable_vulkan:
# Enable vulkan in the Flutter shell.
gn_args['shell_enable_vulkan'] = True
# Configure Skia for Vulkan support.
gn_args['skia_use_vulkan'] = True
# The buildroot currently isn't set up to support Vulkan in the
# Windows ANGLE build, so disable it regardless of enable_vulkan's value.
if sys.platform.startswith(('cygwin', 'win')):
gn_args['angle_enable_vulkan'] = False
# We should not need a special case for x86, but this seems to introduce text relocations
# even with -fPIC everywhere.
# gn_args['enable_profiling'] = args.runtime_mode != 'release' and args.android_cpu != 'x86'
if args.arm_float_abi:
gn_args['arm_float_abi'] = args.arm_float_abi
# Whether to build trained Dart SDK snapshots of dart2js and dartdevc,
# including the web sdk kernel and source files.
if args.target_os is None:
# dart_platform_sdk is not declared for Android targets.
gn_args['dart_platform_sdk'] = not args.full_dart_sdk
gn_args['full_dart_sdk'] = args.full_dart_sdk
# Desktop embeddings can have more dependencies than the engine library,
# which can be problematic in some build environments (e.g., building on
# Linux will bring in pkg-config dependencies at generation time). These
# flags allow preventing those those targets from being part of the build
# tree.
gn_args['enable_desktop_embeddings'] = not args.disable_desktop_embeddings
if args.build_glfw_shell is not None:
gn_args['build_glfw_shell'] = args.build_glfw_shell
gn_args['stripped_symbols'] = args.stripped
if args.msan:
gn_args['is_msan'] = True
if args.asan:
gn_args['is_asan'] = True
if args.tsan:
gn_args['is_tsan'] = True
if args.lsan:
gn_args['is_lsan'] = True
if args.ubsan:
gn_args['is_ubsan'] = True
if args.enable_vulkan_validation_layers:
if args.target_os is not 'fuchsia':
print('Vulkan validation layers are currently only supported on Fuchsia targets.')
gn_args['enable_vulkan_validation_layers'] = True
return gn_args
def parse_args(args):
args = args[1:]
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='A script run` gn gen`.')
parser.add_argument('--unoptimized', default=False, action='store_true')
parser.add_argument('--runtime-mode', type=str, choices=['debug', 'profile', 'release', 'jit_release'], default='debug')
parser.add_argument('--interpreter', default=False, action='store_true')
parser.add_argument('--dart-debug', default=False, action='store_true', help='Enables assertions in the Dart VM. ' +
'Does not affect optimization levels. If you need to disable optimizations in Dart, use --full-dart-debug')
parser.add_argument('--full-dart-debug', default=False, action='store_true', help='Implies --dart-debug ' +
'and also disables optimizations in the Dart VM making it easier to step through VM code in the debugger.')
parser.add_argument('--target-os', type=str, choices=['android', 'ios', 'linux', 'fuchsia'])
parser.add_argument('--android', dest='target_os', action='store_const', const='android')
parser.add_argument('--android-cpu', type=str, choices=['arm', 'x64', 'x86', 'arm64'], default='arm')
parser.add_argument('--ios', dest='target_os', action='store_const', const='ios')
parser.add_argument('--ios-cpu', type=str, choices=['arm', 'arm64'], default='arm64')
parser.add_argument('--simulator', action='store_true', default=False)
parser.add_argument('--fuchsia', dest='target_os', action='store_const', const='fuchsia')
parser.add_argument('--linux-cpu', type=str, choices=['x64', 'x86', 'arm64', 'arm'])
parser.add_argument('--fuchsia-cpu', type=str, choices=['x64', 'arm64'], default = 'x64')
parser.add_argument('--arm-float-abi', type=str, choices=['hard', 'soft', 'softfp'])
parser.add_argument('--goma', default=True, action='store_true')
parser.add_argument('--no-goma', dest='goma', action='store_false')
parser.add_argument('--lto', default=True, action='store_true')
parser.add_argument('--no-lto', dest='lto', action='store_false')
parser.add_argument('--clang', action='store_const', const=True)
parser.add_argument('--no-clang', dest='clang', action='store_const', const=False)
parser.add_argument('--clang-static-analyzer', default=False, action='store_true')
parser.add_argument('--no-clang-static-analyzer', dest='clang_static_analyzer', action='store_false')
parser.add_argument('--target-sysroot', type=str)
parser.add_argument('--target-toolchain', type=str)
parser.add_argument('--target-triple', type=str)
parser.add_argument('--operator-new-alignment', dest='operator_new_alignment', type=str, default=None)
parser.add_argument('--enable-vulkan', action='store_true', default=False)
parser.add_argument('--enable-fontconfig', action='store_true', default=False)
parser.add_argument('--enable-skshaper', action='store_true', default=False)
parser.add_argument('--enable-vulkan-validation-layers', action='store_true', default=False)
parser.add_argument('--embedder-for-target', dest='embedder_for_target', action='store_true', default=False)
parser.add_argument('--coverage', default=False, action='store_true')
parser.add_argument('--out-dir', default='', type=str)
parser.add_argument('--full-dart-sdk', default=False, action='store_true',
help='include trained dart2js and dartdevc snapshots. Enable only on steps that create an SDK')
parser.add_argument('--no-full-dart-sdk', dest='full_dart_sdk', action='store_false')
parser.add_argument('--ide', default='', type=str,
help='The IDE files to generate using GN. Use `gn gen help` and look for the --ide flag to' +
' see supported IDEs. If this flag is not specified, a platform specific default is selected.')
parser.add_argument('--disable-desktop-embeddings', default=False, action='store_true',
help='Do not include desktop embeddings in the build.')
parser.add_argument('--build-glfw-shell', action='store_const', const=True,
help='Build the GLFW shell on supported platforms where it is not built by default.')
parser.add_argument('--no-build-glfw-shell', dest='build_glfw_shell', action='store_const', const=False,
help='Do not build the GLFW shell on platforms where it is built by default.')
parser.add_argument('--bitcode', default=False, action='store_true',
help='Enable bitcode for iOS targets. On debug runtime modes, this will be a marker only.')
parser.add_argument('--stripped', default=True, action='store_true',
help='Strip debug symbols from the output. This defaults to true and has no effect on iOS.')
parser.add_argument('--no-stripped', dest='stripped', action='store_false')
# Sanitizers.
parser.add_argument('--asan', default=False, action='store_true')
parser.add_argument('--lsan', default=False, action='store_true')
parser.add_argument('--msan', default=False, action='store_true')
parser.add_argument('--tsan', default=False, action='store_true')
parser.add_argument('--ubsan', default=False, action='store_true')
return parser.parse_args(args)
def main(argv):
args = parse_args(argv)
exe = '.exe' if sys.platform.startswith(('cygwin', 'win')) else ''
command = [
'%s/flutter/third_party/gn/gn%s' % (SRC_ROOT, exe),
if args.ide != '':
command.append('--ide=%s' % args.ide)
elif sys.platform == 'darwin':
# On the Mac, generate an Xcode project by default.
elif sys.platform.startswith('win'):
# On Windows, generate a Visual Studio project.
gn_args = to_command_line(to_gn_args(args))
out_dir = get_out_dir(args)
command.append('--args=%s' % ' '.join(gn_args))
print "Generating GN files in: %s" % out_dir
gn_call_result =, cwd=SRC_ROOT)
except subprocess.CalledProcessError as exc:
print "Failed to generate gn files: ", exc.returncode, exc.output
if gn_call_result == 0:
# Generate/Replace the compile commands database in out.
compile_cmd_gen_cmd = [
contents = subprocess.check_output(compile_cmd_gen_cmd, cwd=SRC_ROOT)
except subprocess.CalledProcessError as exc:
print "Failed to run ninja: ", exc.returncode, exc.output
compile_commands = open('%s/out/compile_commands.json' % SRC_ROOT, 'w+')
return gn_call_result
if __name__ == '__main__':