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# Copyright 2019 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
set -ex #echo on
# This avoids requiring an internet connection for CanvasKit at runtime.
# This URL should be updated to keep in sync with the version from the engine.
# See,
# but compare with the code in master for getting the current version.
# A better solution would be to either upstream this functionality into the flutter_tools,
# (, or to read this from a manifest
# provided (
function download_canvaskit() {
local canvaskit_url=
local flutter_bin=$(which flutter)
local canvaskit_dart_file=$(dirname $flutter_bin)/cache/flutter_web_sdk/lib/_engine/engine/canvaskit/initialization.dart
if ! grep -q "defaultValue: '$canvaskit_url'" "$canvaskit_dart_file"; then
echo "CanvasKit $canvaskit_url does not match local web engine copy. Please update before continuing."
exit -1
mkdir -p build/web/assets/canvaskit/profiling
curl $canvaskit_url/canvaskit.js -o build/web/assets/canvaskit/canvaskit.js
curl $canvaskit_url/canvaskit.wasm -o build/web/assets/canvaskit/canvaskit.wasm
curl $canvaskit_url/profiling/canvaskit.js -o build/web/assets/canvaskit/profiling/canvaskit.js
curl $canvaskit_url/profiling/canvaskit.wasm -o build/web/assets/canvaskit/profiling/canvaskit.wasm
pushd packages/devtools_app
rm -rf build
rm -rf ../devtools/build
flutter pub upgrade
# Build a profile build rather than a release build to avoid minification
# as code size doesn't matter very much for us as minification makes some
# crashes harder to debug. For example,
flutter build web \
--pwa-strategy=none \
--profile \
--dart-define=FLUTTER_WEB_CANVASKIT_URL=assets/canvaskit/ \
cp build/web/main.dart.js build/web/main_fallback.dart.js
flutter build web \
--pwa-strategy=none \
--profile \
--dart-define=FLUTTER_WEB_USE_SKIA=true \
--dart-define=FLUTTER_WEB_CANVASKIT_URL=assets/canvaskit/ \
mv build/web ../devtools/build