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# Copyright 2018 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
# Fast fail the script on failures.
set -ex
# TODO: Also support windows on github actions.
if [[ $RUNNER_OS == "Windows" ]]; then
echo Installing Google Chrome Stable...
# Install Chrome via Chocolatey while `addons: chrome` doesn't seem to work on Windows yet
choco install googlechrome --acceptlicense --yes --no-progress --ignore-checksums
# In GitBash on Windows, we have to call flutter.bat so we alias them in this
# script to call the correct one based on the OS.
function flutter {
# TODO: Also support windows on github actions.
if [[ $RUNNER_OS == "Windows" ]]; then
command flutter.bat "$@"
command flutter "$@"
# Make sure Flutter sdk has been provided
if [ ! -d "./flutter-sdk" ]; then
echo "Expected ./flutter-sdk to exist"
exit 1;
# Look in the dart bin dir first, then the flutter one, then the one for the
# devtools repo. We don't use the dart script from flutter/bin as that script
# can and does print 'Waiting for another flutter command...' at inopportune
# times.
export PATH=`pwd`/flutter-sdk/bin/cache/dart-sdk/bin:`pwd`/flutter-sdk/bin:`pwd`/bin:$PATH
# Look up the latest flutter candidate (this is the latest flutter version in g3)
# TODO( re-write this script as a
# shell script so we won't have to incurr the cost of building flutter tool twice.
flutter config --no-analytics
flutter doctor
# We should be using dart from ../flutter-sdk/bin/cache/dart-sdk/dart.
echo "which flutter: " `which flutter`
echo "which dart: " `which dart`
# Disable analytics to ensure that the welcome message for the dart cli tooling
# doesn't interrupt the CI bots.
dart --disable-analytics
# Print out the versions and ensure we can call Dart, Pub, and Flutter.
flutter --version
dart --version
# Fetch dependencies for the tool/ directory
pushd tool
flutter pub get
# The `devtools_tool` executable should be available after running `flutter pub global activate`
flutter pub global activate --source path tool
export PATH="$PATH":"$HOME/.pub-cache/bin"
# Fetch dependencies
devtools_tool pub-get --only-main
# Generate code.
bash tool/
# Change the CI to the packages/devtools_app directory.
pushd packages/devtools_app
echo `pwd`
if [ "$BOT" = "main" ]; then
# Verify that dart format has been run.
echo "Checking formatting..."
# Here, we use the dart instance from the flutter sdk.
$(dirname $(which flutter))/dart format --output=none --set-exit-if-changed .
# Make sure the app versions are in sync.
devtools_tool repo-check
# Get packages
devtools_tool pub-get
# Analyze the code
devtools_tool analyze
# Test the `devtools_app_shared`, `devtools_shared` and `devtools_extensions` package tests on the
# main bot.
pushd packages/devtools_app_shared
echo `pwd`
flutter test test/
pushd packages/devtools_shared
echo `pwd`
flutter test test/
pushd packages/devtools_extensions
echo `pwd`
flutter test test/
# Change the directory back to devtools_app.
pushd packages/devtools_app
echo `pwd`
elif [ "$BOT" = "build_ddc" ]; then
# TODO( Remove workaround.
flutter build web --pwa-strategy=none --no-tree-shake-icons
elif [ "$BOT" = "build_dart2js" ]; then
flutter build web --release --no-tree-shake-icons
elif [[ "$BOT" == "test_ddc" || "$BOT" == "test_dart2js" ]]; then
if [ "$BOT" == "test_dart2js" ]; then
if [ "$ONLY_GOLDEN" = "true" ]; then
# Set the test files to only those containing golden test
FILES=$(grep -rl "matchesDevToolsGolden\|matchesGoldenFile" test | grep "_test.dart$" | tr '\n' ' ')
# TODO( once this issue is fixed,
# we may need to explicitly exclude running integration_tests here (this is what we
# used to do when integration tests were enabled).
if [ "$PLATFORM" = "vm" ]; then
elif [ "$PLATFORM" = "chrome" ]; then
WEBDEV_RELEASE=$USE_WEBDEV_RELEASE flutter test --platform chrome $FILES
echo "unknown test platform"
exit 1
# TODO( consider running integration tests
# for a DDC build of DevTools
# elif [ "$BOT" = "integration_ddc" ]; then
# TODO( rewrite legacy integration tests.
elif [ "$BOT" = "dart2js" ]; then
flutter pub get
# TODO( remove this warning.
echo "Preparing to run integration tests.\nWarning: if you see the exception \
'Web Driver Command WebDriverCommandType.screenshot failed while waiting for driver side', \
this is a known issue and likely means that the golden image check failed (see \ Run the test locally to see if new \
images under a 'failures/' directory are created as a result of the test run:\n\
$ dart run integration_test/run_tests.dart --headless"
if [ "$DEVICE" = "flutter" ]; then
dart run integration_test/run_tests.dart --headless
elif [ "$DEVICE" = "flutter-web" ]; then
dart run integration_test/run_tests.dart --test-app-device=chrome --headless
elif [ "$DEVICE" = "dart-cli" ]; then
dart run integration_test/run_tests.dart --test-app-device=cli --headless