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*.dart text eol=lf
*.yaml text eol=lf
# Don't collapse in github code reviews by default.
lib/src/version.dart linguist-generated=false
lib/src/html/resources.g.dart linguist-generated=false
# Don't force devs to manually resolve conflicts in generated files. At the end
# of a rebase or a merge, the dev may still need to regenerate these files with
# `dart run build_runner build` or `dart run grinder build-web`.
lib/resources/docs.dart.js merge=theirs
lib/resources/ merge=theirs
lib/src/generator/templates.aot_renderers_for_html.dart merge=theirs
lib/src/generator/templates.aot_renderers_for_md.dart merge=theirs
lib/src/generator/templates.runtime_renderers.dart merge=theirs
web/sig.txt merge=theirs