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// Copyright (c) 2014, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
library dartdoc.package_meta;
import 'dart:convert';
import 'dart:io';
import 'package:analyzer/dart/element/element.dart';
import 'package:dartdoc/dartdoc.dart';
import 'package:path/path.dart' as pathLib;
import 'package:yaml/yaml.dart';
import 'logging.dart';
Map<String, PackageMeta> _packageMetaCache = {};
Encoding utf8AllowMalformed = new Utf8Codec(allowMalformed: true);
Directory get defaultSdkDir {
Directory sdkDir = new File(Platform.resolvedExecutable).parent.parent;
assert(pathLib.equals(sdkDir.path, PackageMeta.sdkDirParent(sdkDir).path));
return sdkDir;
class PackageMetaFailure extends DartdocFailure {
PackageMetaFailure(String message) : super(message);
/// For each list in this list, at least one of the given paths must exist
/// for this to be detected as an SDK.
final List<List<String>> __sdkDirFilePathsPosix = [
['bin/dart.bat', 'bin/dart.exe', 'bin/dart'],
['bin/pub.bat', 'bin/pub'],
abstract class PackageMeta {
final Directory dir;
static List<List<String>> __sdkDirFilePaths;
static List<List<String>> get _sdkDirFilePaths {
if (__sdkDirFilePaths == null) {
__sdkDirFilePaths = [];
if (Platform.isWindows) {
for (List<String> paths in __sdkDirFilePathsPosix) {
List<String> windowsPaths = [];
for (String path in paths) {
new pathLib.Context(style: pathLib.Style.posix).split(path)));
} else {
__sdkDirFilePaths = __sdkDirFilePathsPosix;
return __sdkDirFilePaths;
/// Returns the directory of the SDK if the given directory is inside a Dart
/// SDK. Returns null if the directory isn't a subdirectory of the SDK.
static final Map<String, Directory> _sdkDirParent = {};
static Directory sdkDirParent(Directory dir) {
String dirPathCanonical = pathLib.canonicalize(dir.path);
if (!_sdkDirParent.containsKey(dirPathCanonical)) {
_sdkDirParent[dirPathCanonical] = null;
while (dir.existsSync()) {
if (_sdkDirFilePaths.every((List<String> l) {
return l.any((f) => new File(pathLib.join(dir.path, f)).existsSync());
})) {
_sdkDirParent[dirPathCanonical] = dir;
if (pathLib.equals(dir.path, dir.parent.path)) break;
dir = dir.parent;
return _sdkDirParent[dirPathCanonical];
bool operator ==(other) {
if (other is! PackageMeta) return false;
return pathLib.equals(dir.absolute.path, other.dir.absolute.path);
int get hashCode => pathLib.hash(dir.absolute.path);
/// Use this instead of fromDir where possible.
factory PackageMeta.fromElement(
LibraryElement libraryElement, DartdocOptionContext config) {
// [config] is only here for sdkDir, and it's OK that it is the wrong
// context since sdkDir is argOnly and this is supposed to be a temporary
// workaround.
if (libraryElement.isInSdk)
return new PackageMeta.fromDir(new Directory(config.sdkDir));
return new PackageMeta.fromDir(
new File(pathLib.canonicalize(libraryElement.source.fullName)).parent);
factory PackageMeta.fromFilename(String filename) {
return new PackageMeta.fromDir(new File(filename).parent);
/// This factory is guaranteed to return the same object for any given
/// [dir.absolute.path]. Multiple [dir.absolute.path]s will resolve to the
/// same object if they are part of the same package. Returns null
/// if the directory is not part of a known package.
factory PackageMeta.fromDir(Directory dir) {
Directory original = dir.absolute;
dir = original;
if (!original.existsSync()) {
throw new PackageMetaFailure(
"fatal error: unable to locate the input directory at ${original.path}.");
if (!_packageMetaCache.containsKey(dir.path)) {
PackageMeta packageMeta;
// There are pubspec.yaml files inside the SDK. Ignore them.
Directory parentSdkDir = sdkDirParent(dir);
if (parentSdkDir != null) {
packageMeta = new _SdkMeta(parentSdkDir);
} else {
while (dir.existsSync()) {
File pubspec = new File(pathLib.join(dir.path, 'pubspec.yaml'));
if (pubspec.existsSync()) {
packageMeta = new _FilePackageMeta(dir);
// Allow a package to be at root (possible in a Windows setting with
// drive letter mappings).
if (pathLib.equals(dir.path, dir.parent.path)) break;
dir = dir.parent.absolute;
_packageMetaCache[dir.absolute.path] = packageMeta;
return _packageMetaCache[dir.absolute.path];
/// Returns true if this represents a 'Dart' SDK. A package can be part of
/// Dart and Flutter at the same time, but if we are part of a Dart SDK
/// sdkType should never return null.
bool get isSdk;
/// Returns 'Dart' or 'Flutter' (preferentially, 'Flutter' when the answer is
/// "both"), or null if this package is not part of a SDK.
String sdkType(String flutterRootPath) {
if (flutterRootPath != null) {
String flutterPackages = pathLib.join(flutterRootPath, 'packages');
String flutterBinCache = pathLib.join(flutterRootPath, 'bin', 'cache');
/// Don't include examples or other non-SDK components as being the
/// "Flutter SDK".
if (pathLib.isWithin(
flutterPackages, pathLib.canonicalize(dir.absolute.path)) ||
flutterBinCache, pathLib.canonicalize(dir.absolute.path))) {
return 'Flutter';
return isSdk ? 'Dart' : null;
bool get needsPubGet => false;
bool get requiresFlutter;
void runPubGet();
String get name;
/// null if not a hosted pub package. If set, the hostname
/// that the package is hosted at -- usually ''.
String get hostedAt;
String get version;
String get description;
String get homepage;
String _resolvedDir;
String get resolvedDir {
if (_resolvedDir == null) {
_resolvedDir = dir.resolveSymbolicLinksSync();
return _resolvedDir;
FileContents getReadmeContents();
FileContents getLicenseContents();
FileContents getChangelogContents();
/// Returns true if we are a valid package, valid enough to generate docs.
bool get isValid => getInvalidReasons().isEmpty;
/// Returns a list of reasons this package is invalid, or an
/// empty list if no reasons found.
/// If the list is empty, this package is valid.
List<String> getInvalidReasons();
String toString() => name;
class FileContents {
final File file;
factory FileContents(File file) =>
file == null ? null : new FileContents._(file);
String get contents => file.readAsStringSync(encoding: utf8AllowMalformed);
bool get isMarkdown => file.path.toLowerCase().endsWith('.md');
String toString() => file.path;
class _FilePackageMeta extends PackageMeta {
FileContents _readme;
FileContents _license;
FileContents _changelog;
Map _pubspec;
_FilePackageMeta(Directory dir) : super(dir) {
File f = new File(pathLib.join(dir.path, 'pubspec.yaml'));
if (f.existsSync()) {
_pubspec = loadYaml(f.readAsStringSync());
} else {
_pubspec = {};
bool _setHostedAt = false;
String _hostedAt;
String get hostedAt {
if (!_setHostedAt) {
_setHostedAt = true;
// Search for 'hosted/host.domain' as the immediate parent directories,
// and verify that a directory _temp exists alongside hosted. Those
// seem to be the only guaranteed things to exist if we're from a pub
// cache.
// TODO(jcollins-g): This is a funky heuristic. Make this better somehow,
// possibly by calculating hosting directly from pubspec.yaml or importing
// a pub library to do this.
// People could have a pub cache at root with Windows drive mappings.
if (pathLib.split(pathLib.canonicalize(dir.path)).length >= 3) {
String pubCacheRoot = dir.parent.parent.parent.path;
String hosted = pathLib.canonicalize(dir.parent.parent.path);
String hostname = pathLib.canonicalize(dir.parent.path);
if (pathLib.basename(hosted) == 'hosted' &&
new Directory(pathLib.join(pubCacheRoot, '_temp')).existsSync()) {
_hostedAt = pathLib.basename(hostname);
return _hostedAt;
bool get isSdk => false;
bool get needsPubGet =>
!(new File(pathLib.join(dir.path, '.packages')).existsSync());
void runPubGet() {
String pubPath =
pathLib.join(pathLib.dirname(Platform.resolvedExecutable), 'pub');
if (Platform.isWindows) pubPath += '.bat';
ProcessResult result =
Process.runSync(pubPath, ['get'], workingDirectory: dir.path);
var trimmedStdout = (result.stdout as String).trim();
if (trimmedStdout.isNotEmpty) {
if (result.exitCode != 0) {
StringBuffer buf = new StringBuffer();
throw new DartdocFailure('pub get failed: ${buf.toString().trim()}');
String get name => _pubspec['name'];
String get version => _pubspec['version'];
String get description => _pubspec['description'];
String get homepage => _pubspec['homepage'];
bool get requiresFlutter =>
_pubspec['environment']?.containsKey('flutter') == true;
FileContents getReadmeContents() {
if (_readme != null) return _readme;
_readme =
new FileContents(_locate(dir, ['', 'readme.txt', 'readme']));
return _readme;
FileContents getLicenseContents() {
if (_license != null) return _license;
_license = new FileContents(
_locate(dir, ['', 'license.txt', 'license']));
return _license;
FileContents getChangelogContents() {
if (_changelog != null) return _changelog;
_changelog = new FileContents(
_locate(dir, ['', 'changelog.txt', 'changelog']));
return _changelog;
/// Returns a list of reasons this package is invalid, or an
/// empty list if no reasons found.
List<String> getInvalidReasons() {
List<String> reasons = <String>[];
if (_pubspec == null || _pubspec.isEmpty) {
reasons.add('no pubspec.yaml found');
} else if (!_pubspec.containsKey('name')) {
reasons.add('no name found in pubspec.yaml');
return reasons;
File _locate(Directory dir, List<String> fileNames) {
List<File> files =
new List<File>.from(dir.listSync().where((f) => f is File));
for (String name in fileNames) {
for (File f in files) {
String baseName = pathLib.basename(f.path).toLowerCase();
if (baseName == name) return f;
if (baseName.startsWith(name)) return f;
return null;
class _SdkMeta extends PackageMeta {
String sdkReadmePath;
_SdkMeta(Directory dir) : super(dir) {
sdkReadmePath = pathLib.join(dir.path, 'lib', '');
String get hostedAt => null;
bool get isSdk => true;
void runPubGet() {
throw 'unsupported operation';
String get name => 'Dart';
String get version {
File versionFile = new File(pathLib.join(dir.path, 'version'));
if (versionFile.existsSync()) return versionFile.readAsStringSync().trim();
return 'unknown';
String get description =>
'The Dart SDK is a set of tools and libraries for the '
'Dart programming language.';
String get homepage => '';
bool get requiresFlutter => false;
FileContents getReadmeContents() {
File f = new File(pathLib.join(dir.path, 'lib', ''));
if (!f.existsSync()) {
f = new File(pathLib.join(dir.path, ''));
return f.existsSync() ? new FileContents(f) : null;
List<String> getInvalidReasons() => [];
FileContents getLicenseContents() => null;
// TODO: The changelog doesn't seem to be available in the sdk.
FileContents getChangelogContents() => null;