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// Copyright (c) 2014, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
/// Constants for the cost heuristics used to determine which set of splits is
/// most desirable.
class Cost {
/// The cost of splitting after the `=>` in a lambda or arrow-bodied member.
/// We make this zero because there is already a span around the entire body
/// and we generally do prefer splitting after the `=>` over other places.
static const arrow = 0;
/// The default cost.
/// This isn't zero because we want to ensure all splitting has *some* cost,
/// otherwise, the formatter won't try to keep things on one line at all.
/// Most splits and spans use this. Greater costs tend to come from a greater
/// number of nested spans.
static const normal = 1;
/// Splitting after a "=".
static const assign = 1;
/// Splitting after a "=" when the right-hand side is a collection or cascade.
static const assignBlock = 2;
/// Splitting before the first argument when it happens to be a function
/// expression with a block body.
static const firstBlockArgument = 2;
/// The series of positional arguments.
static const positionalArguments = 2;
/// Splitting inside the brackets of a list with only one element.
static const singleElementList = 2;
/// Splitting the internals of block arguments.
/// Used to prefer splitting at the argument boundary over splitting the block
/// contents.
static const splitBlocks = 2;
/// Splitting on the "." in a named constructor.
static const constructorName = 4;
/// Splitting a `[...]` index operator.
static const index = 4;
/// Splitting before a type argument or type parameter.
static const typeArgument = 4;
/// Split between a formal parameter name and its type.
static const parameterType = 4;
/// Constants for the number of spaces for various kinds of indentation.
class Indent {
/// The number of spaces in a block or collection body.
static const block = 2;
/// How much wrapped cascade sections indent.
static const cascade = 2;
/// The number of spaces in a single level of expression nesting.
static const expression = 4;
/// The ":" on a wrapped constructor initialization list.
static const constructorInitializer = 4;