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// Copyright (c) 2015, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
import 'dart:convert';
import 'dart:io';
import 'package:args/args.dart';
import 'package:dart_style/src/dart_formatter.dart';
import 'package:dart_style/src/exceptions.dart';
import 'package:dart_style/src/formatter_options.dart';
import 'package:dart_style/src/io.dart';
import 'package:dart_style/src/source_code.dart';
import 'package:dart_style/src/style_fix.dart';
// Note: The following line of code is modified by tool/grind.dart.
const version = "1.2.1";
void main(List<String> args) {
var parser = new ArgParser(allowTrailingOptions: true);
parser.addSeparator("Common options:");
abbr: "h", negatable: false, help: "Shows usage information.");
negatable: false, help: "Shows version information.");
abbr: "l", help: "Wrap lines longer than this.", defaultsTo: "80");
abbr: "w",
negatable: false,
help: "Overwrite input files with formatted output.");
abbr: "n",
negatable: false,
help: "Show which files would be modified but make no changes.");
parser.addSeparator("Non-whitespace fixes (off by default):");
parser.addFlag("fix", negatable: false, help: "Apply all style fixes.");
for (var fix in StyleFix.all) {
// TODO(rnystrom): Allow negating this if used in concert with "--fix"?
parser.addFlag("fix-${}", negatable: false, help: fix.description);
parser.addSeparator("Other options:");
abbr: "i", help: "Spaces of leading indentation.", defaultsTo: "0");
abbr: "m",
negatable: false,
help: "Produce machine-readable JSON output.");
negatable: false,
help: "Return exit code 1 if there are any formatting changes.");
negatable: false,
help: "Follow links to files and directories.\n"
"If unset, links will be ignored.");
help: 'Selection to preserve, formatted as "start:length".');
help: "The path name to show when an error occurs in source read from "
defaultsTo: "<stdin>");
parser.addFlag("profile", negatable: false, hide: true);
parser.addFlag("transform", abbr: "t", negatable: false, hide: true);
ArgResults argResults;
try {
argResults = parser.parse(args);
} on FormatException catch (err) {
usageError(parser, err.message);
if (argResults["help"]) {
if (argResults["version"]) {
// Can only preserve a selection when parsing from stdin.
List<int> selection;
if (argResults["preserve"] != null && {
usageError(parser, "Can only use --preserve when reading from stdin.");
try {
selection = parseSelection(argResults["preserve"]);
} on FormatException catch (_) {
'--preserve must be a colon-separated pair of integers, was '
if (argResults["dry-run"] && argResults["overwrite"]) {
parser, "Cannot use --dry-run and --overwrite at the same time.");
checkForReporterCollision(String chosen, String other) {
if (!argResults[other]) return;
usageError(parser, "Cannot use --$chosen and --$other at the same time.");
var reporter = OutputReporter.print;
if (argResults["dry-run"]) {
checkForReporterCollision("dry-run", "overwrite");
checkForReporterCollision("dry-run", "machine");
reporter = OutputReporter.dryRun;
} else if (argResults["overwrite"]) {
checkForReporterCollision("overwrite", "machine");
if ( {
"Cannot use --overwrite without providing any paths to format.");
reporter = OutputReporter.overwrite;
} else if (argResults["machine"]) {
reporter = OutputReporter.printJson;
if (argResults["profile"]) {
reporter = new ProfileReporter(reporter);
if (argResults["set-exit-if-changed"]) {
reporter = new SetExitReporter(reporter);
int pageWidth;
try {
pageWidth = int.parse(argResults["line-length"]);
} on FormatException catch (_) {
'--line-length must be an integer, was '
int indent;
try {
indent = int.parse(argResults["indent"]);
if (indent < 0 || indent.toInt() != indent) throw new FormatException();
} on FormatException catch (_) {
'--indent must be a non-negative integer, was '
var followLinks = argResults["follow-links"];
var fixes = <StyleFix>[];
if (argResults["fix"]) fixes.addAll(StyleFix.all);
for (var fix in StyleFix.all) {
if (argResults["fix-${}"]) {
if (argResults["fix"]) {
usageError(parser, "--fix-${} is redundant with --fix.");
if (argResults.wasParsed("stdin-name") && ! {
usageError(parser, "Cannot pass --stdin-name when not reading from stdin.");
var options = new FormatterOptions(reporter,
indent: indent,
pageWidth: pageWidth,
followLinks: followLinks,
fixes: fixes);
if ( {
formatStdin(options, selection, argResults["stdin-name"] as String);
} else {
if (argResults["profile"]) {
(reporter as ProfileReporter).showProfile();
List<int> parseSelection(String selection) {
if (selection == null) return null;
var coordinates = selection.split(":");
if (coordinates.length != 2) {
throw new FormatException(
'Selection should be a colon-separated pair of integers, "123:45".');
return => coord.trim()).map(int.parse).toList();
/// Reads input from stdin until it's closed, and the formats it.
void formatStdin(FormatterOptions options, List<int> selection, String name) {
var selectionStart = 0;
var selectionLength = 0;
if (selection != null) {
selectionStart = selection[0];
selectionLength = selection[1];
var input = new StringBuffer();
stdin.transform(new Utf8Decoder()).listen(input.write, onDone: () {
var formatter = new DartFormatter(
indent: options.indent,
pageWidth: options.pageWidth,
fixes: options.fixes);
try {
options.reporter.beforeFile(null, name);
var source = new SourceCode(input.toString(),
uri: name,
selectionStart: selectionStart,
selectionLength: selectionLength);
var output = formatter.formatSource(source);
.afterFile(null, name, output, changed: source.text != output.text);
} on FormatterException catch (err) {
exitCode = 65; // sysexits.h: EX_DATAERR
} catch (err, stack) {
stderr.writeln('''Hit a bug in the formatter when formatting stdin.
Please report at:
exitCode = 70; // sysexits.h: EX_SOFTWARE
/// Formats all of the files and directories given by [paths].
void formatPaths(FormatterOptions options, List<String> paths) {
for (var path in paths) {
var directory = new Directory(path);
if (directory.existsSync()) {
if (!processDirectory(options, directory)) {
exitCode = 65;
var file = new File(path);
if (file.existsSync()) {
if (!processFile(options, file)) {
exitCode = 65;
} else {
stderr.writeln('No file or directory found at "$path".');
/// Prints [error] and usage help then exits with exit code 64.
void usageError(ArgParser parser, String error) {
printUsage(parser, error);
void printUsage(ArgParser parser, [String error]) {
var output = stdout;
var message = "Idiomatically formats Dart source code.";
if (error != null) {
message = error;
output = stdout;
Usage: dartfmt [options...] [files or directories...]
Example: dartfmt -w .
Reformats every Dart file in the current directory tree.