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// Copyright (c) 2014, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
library dart_style.src.line_prefix;
import 'chunk.dart';
import 'nesting.dart';
import 'rule/rule.dart';
/// A prefix of a series of chunks and the context needed to uniquely describe
/// any shared state between the preceding and following chunks.
/// This is used by [LineSplitter] to memoize suffixes whose best splits have
/// previously been calculated. For each unique [LinePrefix], there is a single
/// set of best splits for the remainder of the line following it.
/// [LinePrefix] is a value type. It overloads [hashCode] and [==] and it's
/// critical that those be correct and efficient. These objects are used as
/// keys in the [LineSplitter]'s memoization table.
class LinePrefix {
/// The number of chunks in the prefix.
/// The suffix is the remaining chunks starting at index [length].
final int length;
/// The [Rule]s that apply to chunks in the prefix and have thus already had
/// their values selected.
/// Does not include rules that do not also appear in the suffix since they
/// don't affect the suffix.
final Map<Rule, int> ruleValues;
/// The number of characters of "statement-based" indentation of the line
/// after the prefix.
/// This handles things like control flow, switch cases, and constructor
/// initialization lists that tweak the per-line indentation.
/// For nested blocks, this also includes the indentation to push the entire
/// block over.
final int _indent;
final NestingSplitter _nesting;
/// The absolute starting column of the line after this chunk.
/// This takes into account whether the line should be flush left or not.
int get column => _flushLeft ? 0 : _indent + _nesting.indent;
final bool _flushLeft;
/// Creates a new zero-length prefix with initial [indent] whose suffix is
/// the entire line.
LinePrefix(int indent, {bool flushLeft})
: this._(0, {}, indent, new NestingSplitter(), flushLeft: flushLeft);
LinePrefix._(this.length, this.ruleValues, this._indent, this._nesting,
{bool flushLeft: false})
: _flushLeft = flushLeft;
bool operator ==(other) {
if (other is! LinePrefix) return false;
if (length != other.length) return false;
if (_indent != other._indent) return false;
if (_flushLeft != other._flushLeft) return false;
if (_nesting != other._nesting) return false;
// Compare rule values.
if (ruleValues.length != other.ruleValues.length) return false;
for (var key in ruleValues.keys) {
if (other.ruleValues[key] != ruleValues[key]) return false;
return true;
int get hashCode => length.hashCode ^ _indent ^ _nesting.hashCode;
/// Create a new LinePrefix one chunk longer than this one using [ruleValues],
/// and assuming that we do not split before that chunk.
LinePrefix extend(Map<Rule, int> ruleValues) =>
new LinePrefix._(length + 1, ruleValues, _indent, _nesting,
flushLeft: _flushLeft);
/// Create a series of new LinePrefixes one chunk longer than this one using
/// [ruleValues], and assuming that the new [chunk] splits at an expression
/// boundary so there may be multiple possible different nesting stacks.
/// If this prefix is for a nested block, [blockIndentation] may be nonzero
/// to push the output to the right.
Iterable<LinePrefix> split(
Chunk chunk, int blockIndentation, Map<Rule, int> ruleValues) {
var indent = chunk.indent + blockIndentation;
var flushLeft = chunk.flushLeft;
// If the chunk has a block, then its flushLeft property is for the first
// line of the block, not the line after the block. The line after the block
// is never flush left since it will always be for a `}` or `]`.
if (chunk.blockChunks.isNotEmpty) flushLeft = false;
return _nesting.update(chunk.nesting).map((nesting) => new LinePrefix._(
length + 1, ruleValues, indent, nesting,
flushLeft: flushLeft));
String toString() {
var result = "prefix $length";
if (_indent != 0) result += " indent ${_indent}";
if (_nesting.indent != 0) result += " nesting ${_nesting.indent}";
if (ruleValues.isNotEmpty) {
var rules = => "$key:${ruleValues[key]}").join(" ");
result += " rules $rules";
return result;