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// Copyright (c) 2019, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
/// FirestoreService is implemented by FirestoreServiceImpl, for production
/// use, and by FirestoreServiceMock, for testing.
/// The implementation must be in a separate file, so that testing can
/// run on Dart native, not just on the nodeJS platform.
abstract class FirestoreService {
Future<bool> isStaging();
Future<bool> hasPatchset(String review, String patchset);
Future<Map<String, dynamic>> getCommit(String hash);
Future<Map<String, dynamic>> getCommitByIndex(int index);
Future<Map<String, dynamic>> getLastCommit();
Future<void> addCommit(String id, Map<String, dynamic> data);
Future<List<String>> getConfigurations(String builder);
Future<void> updateConfiguration(String configuration, String builder);
Future<void> updateBuildInfo(String builder, int buildNumber, int index);
Future<String> findResult(
Map<String, dynamic> change, int startIndex, int endIndex);
Future<void> storeResult(Map<String, dynamic> result);
Future<bool> updateResult(
String result, String configuration, int startIndex, int endIndex,
{bool failure});
Future<List<Map<String, dynamic>>> findRevertedChanges(int index);
Future<bool> storeTryChange(
Map<String, dynamic> change, int review, int patchset);
Future<void> updateActiveResult(
Map<String, dynamic> activeResult, String configuration);
Future<List<Map<String, dynamic>>> findActiveResults(
Map<String, dynamic> change);
Future<void> storeReview(String review, Map<String, dynamic> data);
Future<void> storePatchset(
String review, int patchset, Map<String, dynamic> data);
Future<bool> reviewIsLanded(int review);
Future<void> linkReviewToCommit(int review, int index);
Future<void> linkCommentsToCommit(int review, int index);
Future<List<Map<String, dynamic>>> tryApprovals(int review);
Future<List<Map<String, dynamic>>> tryResults(
int review, String configuration);
Future<void> storeChunkStatus(String builder, int index, bool success);
Future<void> storeBuildChunkCount(String builder, int index, int numChunks);
Future<void> storeTryChunkStatus(String builder, int buildNumber,
String buildbucketID, int review, int patchset, bool success);
Future<void> storeTryBuildChunkCount(String builder, int buildNumber,
String buildbucketID, int review, int patchset, int numChunks);