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// Copyright (c) 2019, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
import 'package:pool/pool.dart';
import 'commits_cache.dart';
import 'firestore.dart';
import 'result.dart';
import 'reverted_changes.dart';
/// A Builder holds information about a CI build, and can
/// store the changed results from that build, using an injected
/// Firestore() object.
/// Tryjob builds are represented by a subclass Tryjob of this class.
class Build {
final FirestoreService firestore;
final CommitsCache commitsCache;
final String commitHash;
final Map<String, dynamic> firstResult;
final int countChunks;
String builderName;
int buildNumber;
int startIndex;
int endIndex;
Map<String, dynamic> endCommit;
Future<void> _awaitCommits;
List<Map<String, dynamic>> commits;
Map<String, int> tryApprovals = {};
List<RevertedChanges> allRevertedChanges = [];
bool success = true; // Changed to false if any unapproved failure is seen.
int countChanges = 0;
int commitsFetched;
List<String> approvalMessages = [];
int countApprovalsCopied = 0;
Build(this.commitHash, this.firstResult, this.countChunks, this.commitsCache,
: builderName = firstResult['builder_name'],
buildNumber = int.parse(firstResult['build_number']);
Future<void> process(List<Map<String, dynamic>> results) async {
final configurations = => change['configuration'] as String).toSet();
await update(configurations);
await Pool(30).forEach(results.where(isChangedResult), storeChange).drain();
if (countChunks != null) {
await firestore.storeBuildChunkCount(builderName, endIndex, countChunks);
await firestore.storeChunkStatus(builderName, endIndex, success);
final report = [
"Processed ${results.length} results from $builderName build $buildNumber",
if (countChanges > 0) "Stored $countChanges changes",
if (commitsFetched != null) "Fetched $commitsFetched new commits",
if (!success) "Found unapproved new failures",
if (countApprovalsCopied > 0) ...[
"$countApprovalsCopied approvals copied",
if (countApprovalsCopied > 10) "..."
Future<void> update(Iterable<String> configurations) async {
await storeBuildCommitsInfo();
await storeConfigurationsInfo(configurations);
await firestore.updateBuildInfo(builderName, buildNumber, endIndex);
/// Stores the commit info for the blamelist of result.
/// If the info is already there does nothing.
/// Saves the commit indices of the start and end of the blamelist.
Future<void> storeBuildCommitsInfo() async {
// Get indices of change. Range includes startIndex and endIndex.
endCommit = await commitsCache.getCommit(commitHash);
if (endCommit == null) {
throw 'Result received with unknown commit hash $commitHash';
endIndex = endCommit[fIndex];
// If this is a new builder, use the current commit as a trivial blamelist.
if (firstResult['previous_commit_hash'] == null) {
startIndex = endIndex;
} else {
final startCommit =
await commitsCache.getCommit(firstResult['previous_commit_hash']);
startIndex = startCommit[fIndex] + 1;
if (startIndex > endIndex) {
throw ArgumentError("Results received with empty blamelist\n"
"previous commit: ${firstResult['previous_commit_hash']}\n"
"built commit: $commitHash");
/// This async function's implementation runs exactly once.
/// Later invocations return the same future returned by the first invocation.
Future<void> fetchReviewsAndReverts() => _awaitCommits ??= () async {
commits = [
for (var index = startIndex; index < endIndex; ++index)
await commitsCache.getCommitByIndex(index),
for (final commit in commits) {
final index = commit[fIndex];
final review = commit[fReview];
final reverted = commit[fRevertOf];
if (review != null) {
for (final result in await firestore.tryApprovals(review))
testResult(result): index
if (reverted != null) {
.add(await getRevertedChanges(reverted, index, firestore));
Future<void> storeConfigurationsInfo(Iterable<String> configurations) async {
for (final configuration in configurations) {
await firestore.updateConfiguration(configuration, builderName);
Future<void> storeChange(Map<String, dynamic> change) async {
await fetchReviewsAndReverts();
final failure = isFailure(change);
var approved;
String result = await firestore.findResult(change, startIndex, endIndex);
List<Map<String, dynamic>> activeResults =
await firestore.findActiveResults(change);
if (result == null) {
final approvingIndex = tryApprovals[testResult(change)] ??
(revertedChange) => revertedChange.approveRevert(change),
orElse: () => null)
approved = approvingIndex != null;
final newResult = constructResult(change, startIndex, endIndex,
approved: approved,
landedReviewIndex: approvingIndex,
failure: failure);
await firestore.storeResult(newResult);
if (approved) {
if (countApprovalsCopied <= 10)
.add("Copied approval of result ${testResult(change)}");
} else {
approved = await firestore.updateResult(
result, change['configuration'], startIndex, endIndex,
failure: failure);
if (failure && !approved) success = false;
for (final activeResult in activeResults) {
// Log error message if any expected invariants are violated
if (activeResult[fBlamelistEndIndex] >= startIndex ||
.contains(change['configuration'])) {
print('Unexpected active result when processing new change:\n'
'Active result: $activeResult\n\n'
'Change: $change\n\n'
'approved: $approved');
// Removes the configuration from the list of active configurations.
// Mark the active result inactive when we remove the last active config.
firestore.updateActiveResult(activeResult, change['configuration']);
Map<String, dynamic> constructResult(
Map<String, dynamic> change, int startIndex, int endIndex,
{bool approved, int landedReviewIndex, bool failure}) =>
fName: change[fName],
fResult: change[fResult],
fPreviousResult: change[fPreviousResult] ?? 'new test',
fExpected: change[fExpected],
fBlamelistStartIndex: startIndex,
fBlamelistEndIndex: endIndex,
if (startIndex != endIndex && approved) fPinnedIndex: landedReviewIndex,
fConfigurations: <String>[change['configuration']],
fApproved: approved,
if (failure) fActive: true,
if (failure) fActiveConfigurations: <String>[change['configuration']]
String testResult(Map<String, dynamic> change) => [
change['previous_result'] ?? 'new test',
].join(' ');