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// Copyright (c) 2014, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
part of protoc;
/// Helper function implementing a generic option parser that reads
/// `request.parameters` and treats each token as either a flag ("name") or a
/// key-value pair ("name=value"). For each option "name", it looks up whether a
/// [SingleOptionParser] exists in [parsers] and delegates the actual parsing of
/// the option to it. Returns `true` if no errors were reported.
bool genericOptionsParser(CodeGeneratorRequest request,
CodeGeneratorResponse response, Map<String, SingleOptionParser> parsers) {
var parameter = request.parameter != null ? request.parameter : '';
var options = parameter.trim().split(',');
var errors = [];
for (var option in options) {
option = option.trim();
if (option.isEmpty) continue;
void reportError(String details) {
errors.add('Error found trying to parse the option: $option.\n$details');
var nameValue = option.split('=');
if (nameValue.length != 1 && nameValue.length != 2) {
reportError('Options should be a single token, or a name=value pair');
var name = nameValue[0].trim();
var parser = parsers[name];
if (parser == null) {
reportError('Unknown option ($name).');
var value = nameValue.length > 1 ? nameValue[1].trim() : null;
parser.parse(name, value, reportError);
if (errors.length == 0) return true;
response.error = errors.join('\n');
return false;
/// Options expected by the protoc code generation compiler.
class GenerationOptions {
final bool useGrpc;
GenerationOptions({this.useGrpc = false});
/// A parser for a name-value pair option. Options parsed in
/// [genericOptionsParser] delegate to instances of this class to
/// parse the value of a specific option.
abstract class SingleOptionParser {
/// Parse the [name]=[value] value pair and report any errors to [onError]. If
/// the option is a flag, [value] will be null. Note, [name] is commonly
/// unused. It is provided because [SingleOptionParser] can be registered for
/// multiple option names in [genericOptionsParser].
void parse(String name, String value, onError(String details));
class GrpcOptionParser implements SingleOptionParser {
bool grpcEnabled = false;
void parse(String name, String value, onError(String details)) {
if (value != null) {
onError('Invalid grpc option. No value expected.');
grpcEnabled = true;
/// Parser used by the compiler, which supports the `rpc` option (see
/// [RpcOptionParser]) and any additional option added in [parsers]. If
/// [parsers] has a key for `rpc`, it will be ignored.
GenerationOptions parseGenerationOptions(
CodeGeneratorRequest request, CodeGeneratorResponse response,
[Map<String, SingleOptionParser> parsers]) {
final newParsers = <String, SingleOptionParser>{};
if (parsers != null) newParsers.addAll(parsers);
final grpcOptionParser = new GrpcOptionParser();
newParsers['grpc'] = grpcOptionParser;
if (genericOptionsParser(request, response, newParsers)) {
return new GenerationOptions(useGrpc: grpcOptionParser.grpcEnabled);
return null;