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// Copyright (c) 2015, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
part of protoc;
/// Represents the base type of a particular field in a proto definition.
/// (Doesn't include List<> for repeated fields.)
class BaseType {
final FieldDescriptorProto_Type descriptor;
/// The name of the Dart type when in the same package.
final String unprefixed;
/// The suffix of the constant for this type in PbFieldType.
/// (For example, 'B' for boolean or '3' for int32.)
final String typeConstantSuffix;
// Method name of the setter method for this type.
final String setter;
// The generator corresponding to this type.
// (Null for primitive types.)
final ProtobufContainer generator;
const BaseType._raw(this.descriptor, this.typeConstantSuffix, this.unprefixed,
this.setter, this.generator);
bool get isGroup => descriptor == FieldDescriptorProto_Type.TYPE_GROUP;
bool get isMessage => descriptor == FieldDescriptorProto_Type.TYPE_MESSAGE;
bool get isEnum => descriptor == FieldDescriptorProto_Type.TYPE_ENUM;
bool get isString => descriptor == FieldDescriptorProto_Type.TYPE_STRING;
bool get isBytes => descriptor == FieldDescriptorProto_Type.TYPE_BYTES;
bool get isPackable => (generator == null && !isString && !isBytes) || isEnum;
/// The package where this type is declared.
/// (Always the empty string for primitive types.)
String get package => generator == null ? "" : generator.package;
/// The Dart expression to use for this type when in a different file.
String get prefixed => generator == null
? unprefixed
: generator.fileImportPrefix + "." + unprefixed;
/// Returns the name to use in generated code for this Dart type.
/// Doesn't include the List type for repeated fields.
/// [protoFileUri] represents the current proto file where we are generating
/// code. The Dart class might be imported from a different proto file.
String getDartType(FileGenerator fileGen) =>
(fileGen.protoFileUri == generator?.fileGen?.protoFileUri)
? unprefixed
: prefixed;
String getRepeatedDartType(FileGenerator fileGen) =>
factory BaseType(FieldDescriptorProto field, GenerationContext ctx) {
String constSuffix;
switch (field.type) {
case FieldDescriptorProto_Type.TYPE_BOOL:
return const BaseType._raw(FieldDescriptorProto_Type.TYPE_BOOL, "B",
"bool", r"$_setBool", null);
case FieldDescriptorProto_Type.TYPE_FLOAT:
return const BaseType._raw(FieldDescriptorProto_Type.TYPE_FLOAT, "F",
"double", r"$_setFloat", null);
case FieldDescriptorProto_Type.TYPE_DOUBLE:
return const BaseType._raw(FieldDescriptorProto_Type.TYPE_DOUBLE, "D",
"double", r"$_setDouble", null);
case FieldDescriptorProto_Type.TYPE_INT32:
return const BaseType._raw(FieldDescriptorProto_Type.TYPE_INT32, "3",
"int", r"$_setSignedInt32", null);
case FieldDescriptorProto_Type.TYPE_UINT32:
return const BaseType._raw(FieldDescriptorProto_Type.TYPE_UINT32, "U3",
"int", r"$_setUnsignedInt32", null);
case FieldDescriptorProto_Type.TYPE_SINT32:
return const BaseType._raw(FieldDescriptorProto_Type.TYPE_SINT32, "S3",
"int", r"$_setSignedInt32", null);
case FieldDescriptorProto_Type.TYPE_FIXED32:
return const BaseType._raw(FieldDescriptorProto_Type.TYPE_FIXED32, "F3",
"int", r"$_setUnsignedInt32", null);
case FieldDescriptorProto_Type.TYPE_SFIXED32:
return const BaseType._raw(FieldDescriptorProto_Type.TYPE_SFIXED32,
"SF3", "int", r"$_setSignedInt32", null);
case FieldDescriptorProto_Type.TYPE_INT64:
return const BaseType._raw(FieldDescriptorProto_Type.TYPE_INT64, "6",
"Int64", r"$_setInt64", null);
case FieldDescriptorProto_Type.TYPE_UINT64:
return const BaseType._raw(FieldDescriptorProto_Type.TYPE_UINT64, "U6",
"Int64", r"$_setInt64", null);
case FieldDescriptorProto_Type.TYPE_SINT64:
return const BaseType._raw(FieldDescriptorProto_Type.TYPE_SINT64, "S6",
"Int64", r"$_setInt64", null);
case FieldDescriptorProto_Type.TYPE_FIXED64:
return const BaseType._raw(FieldDescriptorProto_Type.TYPE_FIXED64, "F6",
"Int64", r"$_setInt64", null);
case FieldDescriptorProto_Type.TYPE_SFIXED64:
return const BaseType._raw(FieldDescriptorProto_Type.TYPE_SFIXED64,
"SF6", "Int64", r"$_setInt64", null);
case FieldDescriptorProto_Type.TYPE_STRING:
return const BaseType._raw(FieldDescriptorProto_Type.TYPE_STRING, "S",
"String", r"$_setString", null);
case FieldDescriptorProto_Type.TYPE_BYTES:
return const BaseType._raw(FieldDescriptorProto_Type.TYPE_BYTES, "Y",
"List<int>", r"$_setBytes", null);
case FieldDescriptorProto_Type.TYPE_GROUP:
constSuffix = "G";
case FieldDescriptorProto_Type.TYPE_MESSAGE:
constSuffix = "M";
case FieldDescriptorProto_Type.TYPE_ENUM:
constSuffix = "E";
throw new ArgumentError("unimplemented type: ${}");
ProtobufContainer generator = ctx.getFieldType(field.typeName);
if (generator == null) {
throw 'FAILURE: Unknown type reference ${field.typeName}';
return new BaseType._raw(
field.type, constSuffix, generator.classname, null, generator);