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// The ray tracer code in this file is written by Adam Burmister. It
// is available in its original form from:
// Ported from the v8 benchmark suite by Google 2012.
library ray_trace;
import 'dart:html';
import 'dart:math';
import 'package:benchmark_harness/benchmark_harness.dart';
part 'color.dart';
part 'engine.dart';
part 'materials.dart';
part 'scene.dart';
part 'shapes.dart';
part 'vector.dart';
part 'renderscene.dart';
// Dummy HTML definition.
query(a) {}
// Variable used to hold a number that can be used to verify that
// the scene was ray traced correctly.
var checkNumber;
class TracerBenchmark extends BenchmarkBase {
const TracerBenchmark() : super("Tracer");
void warmup() {
void exercise() {
void main() {
new TracerBenchmark().report();