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// Copyright (c) 2016, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
import 'dart:typed_data';
import 'package:protobuf/protobuf.dart';
/// State held by the [MessageGrouper] while waiting for additional data to
/// arrive.
class MessageGrouperState {
/// Reads the initial length.
_LengthReader _lengthReader;
/// Reads messages from a stream of bytes.
_MessageReader _messageReader;
MessageGrouperState() {
/// Handle one byte at a time.
/// Returns a [List<int>] of message bytes if [byte] was the last byte in a
/// message, otherwise returns [null].
List<int> handleInput(int byte) {
if (!_lengthReader.done) {
if (_lengthReader.done) {
_messageReader = _MessageReader(_lengthReader.length);
} else {
assert(_messageReader != null);
if (_lengthReader.done && _messageReader.done) {
var message = _messageReader.message;
return message;
return null;
/// Reset the state so that we are ready to receive the next message.
void reset() {
_lengthReader = _LengthReader();
_messageReader = null;
/// Reads a length one byte at a time.
/// The base-128 encoding is in little-endian order, with the high bit set on
/// all bytes but the last. This was chosen since it's the same as the
/// base-128 encoding used by protobufs, so it allows a modest amount of code
/// reuse at the other end of the protocol.
class _LengthReader {
/// Whether or not we are done reading the length.
bool get done => _done;
bool _done = false;
/// If [_done] is `true`, the decoded value of the length bytes received so
/// far (if any). If [_done] is `false`, the decoded length that was most
/// recently received.
int _length;
/// The length read in. You are only allowed to read this if [_done] is
/// `true`.
int get length {
return _length;
final List<int> _buffer = <int>[];
/// Read a single byte into [_length].
void readByte(int byte) {
// Check for the last byte in the length, and then read it.
if ((byte & 0x80) == 0) {
_done = true;
var reader = CodedBufferReader(_buffer);
_length = reader.readInt32();
/// Reads some number of bytes from a stream, one byte at a time.
class _MessageReader {
/// Whether or not we are done reading bytes from the stream.
bool get done => _done;
bool _done;
/// The total length of the message to be read.
final int _length;
/// A [Uint8List] which holds the message data. You are only allowed to read
/// this if [_done] is `true`.
Uint8List get message {
return _message;
final Uint8List _message;
/// If [_done] is `false`, the number of message bytes that have been received
/// so far. Otherwise zero.
int _numMessageBytesReceived = 0;
_MessageReader(int length)
: _message = Uint8List(length),
_length = length,
_done = length == 0;
/// Reads [byte] into [_message].
void readByte(int byte) {
_message[_numMessageBytesReceived++] = byte;
if (_numMessageBytesReceived == _length) _done = true;