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// Copyright (c) 2016, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
import 'dart:async';
import 'async_memoizer.dart';
typedef _AsyncHandler<T> = Future Function(StreamSubscription<T> inner);
typedef _VoidHandler<T> = void Function(StreamSubscription<T> inner);
/// Creates a [StreamTransformer] that modifies the behavior of subscriptions to
/// a stream.
/// When [StreamSubscription.cancel], [StreamSubscription.pause], or
/// [StreamSubscription.resume] is called, the corresponding handler is invoked.
/// By default, handlers just forward to the underlying subscription.
/// Guarantees that none of the [StreamSubscription] callbacks and none of the
/// callbacks passed to `subscriptionTransformer()` will be invoked once the
/// transformed [StreamSubscription] has been canceled and `handleCancel()` has
/// run. The [handlePause] and [handleResume] are invoked regardless of whether
/// the subscription is paused already or not.
/// In order to preserve [StreamSubscription] guarantees, **all callbacks must
/// synchronously call the corresponding method** on the inner
/// [StreamSubscription]: [handleCancel] must call `cancel()`, [handlePause]
/// must call `pause()`, and [handleResume] must call `resume()`.
StreamTransformer<T, T> subscriptionTransformer<T>(
{Future Function(StreamSubscription<T>) handleCancel,
void Function(StreamSubscription<T>) handlePause,
void Function(StreamSubscription<T>) handleResume}) {
return StreamTransformer((stream, cancelOnError) {
return _TransformedSubscription(
stream.listen(null, cancelOnError: cancelOnError),
handleCancel ?? (inner) => inner.cancel(),
handlePause ??
(inner) {
handleResume ??
(inner) {
/// A [StreamSubscription] wrapper that calls callbacks for subscription
/// methods.
class _TransformedSubscription<T> implements StreamSubscription<T> {
/// The wrapped subscription.
StreamSubscription<T> _inner;
/// The callback to run when [cancel] is called.
final _AsyncHandler<T> _handleCancel;
/// The callback to run when [pause] is called.
final _VoidHandler<T> _handlePause;
/// The callback to run when [resume] is called.
final _VoidHandler<T> _handleResume;
bool get isPaused => _inner?.isPaused ?? false;
this._inner, this._handleCancel, this._handlePause, this._handleResume);
void onData(void Function(T) handleData) {
void onError(Function handleError) {
void onDone(void Function() handleDone) {
Future cancel() => _cancelMemoizer.runOnce(() {
var inner = _inner;
// Setting onError to null will cause errors to be top-leveled.
_inner.onError((_, __) {});
_inner = null;
return _handleCancel(inner);
final _cancelMemoizer = AsyncMemoizer();
void pause([Future resumeFuture]) {
if (_cancelMemoizer.hasRun) return;
if (resumeFuture != null) resumeFuture.whenComplete(resume);
void resume() {
if (_cancelMemoizer.hasRun) return;
Future<E> asFuture<E>([E futureValue]) =>
_inner?.asFuture(futureValue) ?? Completer<E>().future;