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// Copyright (c) 2015, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
import 'dart:async';
/// A collection of futures waits until all added [Future]s complete.
/// Futures are added to the group with [add]. Once you're finished adding
/// futures, signal that by calling [close]. Then, once all added futures have
/// completed, [future] will complete with a list of values from the futures in
/// the group, in the order they were added.
/// If any added future completes with an error, [future] will emit that error
/// and the group will be closed, regardless of the state of other futures in
/// the group.
/// This is similar to [Future.wait] with `eagerError` set to `true`, except
/// that a [FutureGroup] can have futures added gradually over time rather than
/// needing them all at once.
class FutureGroup<T> implements Sink<Future<T>> {
/// The number of futures that have yet to complete.
var _pending = 0;
/// Whether [close] has been called.
var _closed = false;
/// The future that fires once [close] has been called and all futures in the
/// group have completed.
/// This will also complete with an error if any of the futures in the group
/// fails, regardless of whether [close] was called.
Future<List<T>> get future => _completer.future;
final _completer = Completer<List<T>>();
/// Whether this group has no pending futures.
bool get isIdle => _pending == 0;
/// A broadcast stream that emits a `null` event whenever the last pending
/// future in this group completes.
/// Once this group isn't waiting on any futures *and* [close] has been
/// called, this stream will close.
Stream get onIdle =>
(_onIdleController ??= StreamController.broadcast(sync: true)).stream;
StreamController _onIdleController;
/// The values emitted by the futures that have been added to the group, in
/// the order they were added.
/// The slots for futures that haven't completed yet are `null`.
final _values = <T>[];
/// Wait for [task] to complete.
void add(Future<T> task) {
if (_closed) throw StateError('The FutureGroup is closed.');
// Ensure that future values are put into [values] in the same order they're
// added to the group by pre-allocating a slot for them and recording its
// index.
var index = _values.length;
task.then((value) {
if (_completer.isCompleted) return null;
_values[index] = value;
if (_pending != 0) return null;
if (_onIdleController != null) _onIdleController.add(null);
if (!_closed) return null;
if (_onIdleController != null) _onIdleController.close();
}).catchError((error, stackTrace) {
if (_completer.isCompleted) return null;
_completer.completeError(error, stackTrace);
/// Signals to the group that the caller is done adding futures, and so
/// [future] should fire once all added futures have completed.
void close() {
_closed = true;
if (_pending != 0) return;
if (_completer.isCompleted) return;