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// Copyright (c) 2016, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
import 'dart:async';
import 'package:collection/collection.dart';
import '../utils.dart';
import 'stream_subscription.dart';
import '../delegate/event_sink.dart';
class TypeSafeStream<T> implements Stream<T> {
final Stream _stream;
Future<T> get first async => (await _stream.first) as T;
Future<T> get last async => (await _stream.last) as T;
Future<T> get single async => (await _stream.single) as T;
bool get isBroadcast => _stream.isBroadcast;
Future<bool> get isEmpty => _stream.isEmpty;
Future<int> get length => _stream.length;
Stream<T> asBroadcastStream(
{void onListen(StreamSubscription<T> subscription),
void onCancel(StreamSubscription<T> subscription)}) {
return new TypeSafeStream<T>(_stream.asBroadcastStream(
onListen: onListen == null
? null
: (subscription) =>
onListen(new TypeSafeStreamSubscription<T>(subscription)),
onCancel: onCancel == null
? null
: (subscription) =>
onCancel(new TypeSafeStreamSubscription<T>(subscription))));
Stream/*<E>*/ asyncExpand/*<E>*/(Stream/*<E>*/ convert(T event)) =>
Stream/*<E>*/ asyncMap/*<E>*/(convert(T event)) =>
Stream<T> distinct([bool equals(T previous, T next)]) =>
new TypeSafeStream<T>(_stream.distinct(equals == null
? null
: (previous, next) => equals(previous as T, next as T)));
Future/*<E>*/ drain/*<E>*/([/*=E*/ futureValue]) =>
Stream/*<S>*/ expand/*<S>*/(Iterable/*<S>*/ convert(T value)) =>
Future firstWhere(bool test(T element), {Object defaultValue()}) =>
_stream.firstWhere(_validateType(test), defaultValue: defaultValue);
Future lastWhere(bool test(T element), {Object defaultValue()}) =>
_stream.lastWhere(_validateType(test), defaultValue: defaultValue);
Future<T> singleWhere(bool test(T element)) async =>
(await _stream.singleWhere(_validateType(test))) as T;
Future/*<S>*/ fold/*<S>*/(/*=S*/ initialValue,
/*=S*/ combine(/*=S*/ previous, T element)) =>
(previous, element) => combine(previous, element as T));
Future forEach(void action(T element)) =>
Stream<T> handleError(Function onError, {bool test(error)}) =>
new TypeSafeStream<T>(_stream.handleError(onError, test: test));
StreamSubscription<T> listen(void onData(T value),
{Function onError, void onDone(), bool cancelOnError}) =>
new TypeSafeStreamSubscription<T>(_stream.listen(_validateType(onData),
onError: onError, onDone: onDone, cancelOnError: cancelOnError));
Stream/*<S>*/ map/*<S>*/(/*=S*/ convert(T event)) =>;
// Don't forward to `_stream.pipe` because we want the consumer to see the
// type-asserted stream.
Future pipe(StreamConsumer<T> consumer) =>
consumer.addStream(this).then((_) => consumer.close());
Future<T> reduce(T combine(T previous, T element)) async {
var result = await _stream.reduce(
(previous, element) => combine(previous as T, element as T));
return result as T;
Stream<T> skipWhile(bool test(T element)) =>
new TypeSafeStream<T>(_stream.skipWhile(_validateType(test)));
Stream<T> takeWhile(bool test(T element)) =>
new TypeSafeStream<T>(_stream.takeWhile(_validateType(test)));
Stream<T> timeout(Duration timeLimit, {void onTimeout(EventSink<T> sink)}) =>
new TypeSafeStream<T>(_stream.timeout(
onTimeout: (sink) => onTimeout(DelegatingEventSink.typed(sink))));
Future<List<T>> toList() async =>
DelegatingList.typed/*<T>*/(await _stream.toList());
Future<Set<T>> toSet() async =>
DelegatingSet.typed/*<T>*/(await _stream.toSet());
// Don't forward to `_stream.transform` because we want the transformer to see
// the type-asserted stream.
Stream/*<S>*/ transform/*<S>*/(
StreamTransformer<T, dynamic/*=S*/> transformer) =>
Stream<T> where(bool test(T element)) =>
new TypeSafeStream<T>(_stream.where(_validateType(test)));
Future<bool> every(bool test(T element)) =>
Future<bool> any(bool test(T element)) => _stream.any(_validateType(test));
Stream<T> skip(int count) => new TypeSafeStream<T>(_stream.skip(count));
Stream<T> take(int count) => new TypeSafeStream<T>(_stream.take(count));
Future<T> elementAt(int index) async => (await _stream.elementAt(index)) as T;
Future<bool> contains(Object needle) => _stream.contains(needle);
Future<String> join([String separator = ""]) => _stream.join(separator);
String toString() => _stream.toString();
/// Returns a version of [function] that asserts that its argument is an
/// instance of `T`.
UnaryFunction/*<dynamic, S>*/ _validateType/*<S>*/(
/*=S*/ function(T value)) =>
function == null ? null : (value) => function(value as T);