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// Copyright (c) 2016, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
import 'dart:async';
import '../stream_sink_transformer.dart';
import '../delegate/stream_sink.dart';
/// The type of the callback for handling data events.
typedef void HandleData<S, T>(S data, EventSink<T> sink);
/// The type of the callback for handling error events.
typedef void HandleError<T>(
Object error, StackTrace stackTrace, EventSink<T> sink);
/// The type of the callback for handling done events.
typedef void HandleDone<T>(EventSink<T> sink);
/// A [StreamSinkTransformer] that delegates events to the given handlers.
class HandlerTransformer<S, T> implements StreamSinkTransformer<S, T> {
/// The handler for data events.
final HandleData<S, T> _handleData;
/// The handler for error events.
final HandleError<T> _handleError;
/// The handler for done events.
final HandleDone<T> _handleDone;
this._handleData, this._handleError, this._handleDone);
StreamSink<S> bind(StreamSink<T> sink) => new _HandlerSink<S, T>(this, sink);
/// A sink created by [HandlerTransformer].
class _HandlerSink<S, T> implements StreamSink<S> {
/// The transformer that created this sink.
final HandlerTransformer<S, T> _transformer;
/// The original sink that's being transformed.
final StreamSink<T> _inner;
/// The wrapper for [_inner] whose [StreamSink.close] method can't emit
/// errors.
final StreamSink<T> _safeCloseInner;
Future get done => _inner.done;
_HandlerSink(this._transformer, StreamSink<T> inner)
: _inner = inner,
_safeCloseInner = new _SafeCloseSink<T>(inner);
void add(S event) {
if (_transformer._handleData == null) {
_inner.add(event as T);
} else {
_transformer._handleData(event, _safeCloseInner);
void addError(error, [StackTrace stackTrace]) {
if (_transformer._handleError == null) {
_inner.addError(error, stackTrace);
} else {
_transformer._handleError(error, stackTrace, _safeCloseInner);
Future addStream(Stream<S> stream) {
return _inner.addStream(stream.transform(
new StreamTransformer<S, T>.fromHandlers(
handleData: _transformer._handleData,
handleError: _transformer._handleError,
handleDone: _closeSink)));
Future close() {
if (_transformer._handleDone == null) return _inner.close();
return _inner.done;
/// A wrapper for [StreamSink]s that swallows any errors returned by [close].
/// [HandlerTransformer] passes this to its handlers to ensure that when they
/// call [close], they don't leave any dangling [Future]s behind that might emit
/// unhandleable errors.
class _SafeCloseSink<T> extends DelegatingStreamSink<T> {
_SafeCloseSink(StreamSink<T> inner) : super(inner);
Future close() => super.close().catchError((_) {});
/// A function to pass as a [StreamTransformer]'s `handleDone` callback.
void _closeSink(EventSink sink) {