Running the example app

  1. In the root directory of webdev, run pub global activate --source path webdev
  2. Uncomment the dwds dependency override in /webdev/webdev/pubspec.yaml, then run dart run build_runner build from /webdev/webdev directory
    • Note: You will have to comment and build, and then uncomment and build, each time you need to pick up new changes
  3. From /webdev/example, run webdev serve --debug --verbose (Note: all options can be found by running webdev help serve)
  4. Type opt/alt-d in the browser. This is required to start the VM.
  5. [OPTIONAL] If you need to connect a locally running DevTools (instructions for running here), then close the DevTools that automatically opened in the previous step. Copy and paste the debug URI (should be logged in your terminal) into the DevTools connection box.


If you get this error:

The /webdev/webdev/pubspec.yaml file has changed since the /webdev/webdev/pubspec.lock file was generated, please run "dart pub get" again.

You need to do the following:

  • rm webdev/webdev/pubspec.lock
  • Then, from /webdev/webdev run dart pub get