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What's here?

For information about the files in this directory, see


The contents of this directory are used to test the dart fix refactorings offered by this package. See lib/dart_fix.yaml for the fix definitions.

Note that files in this directory are excluded from analysis.

Running the dart fix tests

In order to test the fixes manually:

> cd test_fixes
> dart fix --compare-to-golden

Symbols excluded from the renames

The helpers in lib/src/helpers/renames.dart define typedefs for dart:html to package:web renames of a few common classes; we don't offer quick fix renames for these symbols (though we may want to revisit having these typedefs).

typedef AudioElement = HTMLAudioElement;
typedef CanvasElement = HTMLCanvasElement;
typedef CssStyleDeclaration = CSSStyleDeclaration;
typedef HtmlElement = HTMLElement;
typedef ImageElement = HTMLImageElement;
typedef VideoElement = HTMLVideoElement;

In addition, lib/src/helpers/http.dart defines an HttpRequest class, so we don't offer a quick fix to rename from HttpRequest to XMLHttpRequest.