• Redeprecate APIs that were deprecated in 0.4.1 but undeprecated in 0.4.2.
  • Add support for dart fix migrations from dart:html classes to package:web classes.
  • Contribute a markdown file for the renamed classes from dart:html to package:web (see renames.md).


  • Undeprecate some APIs and helpers library that were deprecated in 0.4.1. Because deprecations are breaking in Flutter, they should be done in a breaking change.


  • Exported the helper libraries from web.dart.
  • Deprecated the helpers.dart library in favor of web.dart.
  • Updated the readme to include usage info and package status.
  • Added an example.
  • Added event extensions for WebSocket
  • Fixes to the return types of the append() and clone() extension methods on Node.
  • Deprecated NodeGlue.append in favor of Node.appendChild.
  • Deprecated NodeGlue.clone in favor of Node.cloneNode.
  • Updated @webref/css to 6.10.0.


  • Remove implements JSObject from all types. This is needed to move the JS types exposed in dart:js_interop to extension types. This subtyping will be added back in a future version when we move all package:web types to extension types.
  • Add onMessage getter to WindowEventGetters extension methods.
  • helpers.dart: expose the EventStreamProviders class.
  • Add createIFrameElement method to helpers.dart.
  • Updated types to account for union types.
  • Fixed issue where all JSAnys were treated as nullable.
  • Changed JSVoid to void.
  • interface mixins are no longer emitted as interfaces. Their members are instead added to the interface that mixes them in.


  • Updated source IDL to v3.39.1.
  • Fixed a bug where typedefs were not declared with the IDL type's nullability.
  • Types that were aliased to double are now aliased to num. This is to make it easier for users to pass integer values without going through a cast and to make migration from dart:html easier.


  • Updates SDK version minimum to 3.2.0-194.0.dev.
  • Removes isInstanceOfDomType as dart:js_interop now exposes instanceOfString.


  • helpers.dart
    • Expose EventStreamProvider


  • Added helpers.dart top-level library.
  • Require Dart 3.2 pre-release.
  • Update to IDL 3.38.2


  • Support bool, int, double, String in APIs.


  • CSS properties can now be accessed directly.


  • JSAny as an IDL type now includes null.


  • Objects now inherit from JSObject.


  • First release.