• Updated to the 0.5.1 js version.
  • Breaking Change To remain consistent with the js repository all the platform.js has been replaced with webcomponents.js. Also, the default file is now unminified, and the minified version is called webcomponents.min.js.


  • Remove all .map and .concat.js files during release mode.


  • Updated to platform version 0.4.2, internally a deprecated API was removed, hence the bump in the version number.

  • split dart_support.js in two. dart_support.js only contains what is necessary in order to use platform.js, interop_support.js/interop_support.html can be imported separately when providing Dart APIs for js custom elements.


  • Re-apply changes from 0.7.1+1 and also cherry pick efdbbc to fix the customElementsTakeRecords function.
  • Breaking Change The customElementsTakeRecords function now has an an optional argument node. There is no longer a single global observer, but one for each ShadowRoot and one for the main document. The observer that is actually used defaults to the main document, but if node is supplied then it will walk up the document tree and use the first observer that it finds.


  • Revert the change from 0.7.1+1 due to redness in FF/Safari/IE.



  • Update to platform version 0.4.1-d214582.



  • Updated to 0.4.0-5a7353d release, with same cherry pick as 0.6.0+1.
  • Many features were moved into the polymer package, this package is now purely focused on polyfills.
  • Change Platform.deliverDeclarations to Platform.consumeDeclarations(callback).
  • Cherry pick https://github.com/Polymer/ShadowDOM/pull/505 to fix mem leak.



  • Upgrades to platform master as of 8/25/2014 (see lib/build.log for details). This is more recent than the 0.3.5 release as there were multiple breakages that required updating past that.
  • There is a bug in this version where selecting non-rendered elements doesn‘t work, but it shouldn’t affect most people. See https://github.com/Polymer/ShadowDOM/issues/495.


  • Backward compatible change to prepare for upcoming change of the user agent in Dartium.


  • Upgrades to platform version 0.3.4-02a0f66 (see lib/build.log for details).


  • Adds registerDartType and updates to platform 0.3.3-29065bc (re-applies the changes in 0.3.5).


  • Reverts back to what we had in 0.3.4. (The platform.js updates in 0.3.5 had breaking changes so we are republishing it in 0.4.0)


  • Added registerDartType to register a Dart API for a custom-element written in Javascript.
  • Updated to platform 0.3.3-29065bc


  • Updated to platform 0.2.4 (see lib/build.log for details)