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  1. e00c0ea Add/enable Windows tests (#124) by Danny Tuppeny · 28 minutes ago master
  2. f76997a Ensure ready future completes (with error) in the case the watcher fails and closes. (#123) by Danny Tuppeny · 7 days ago
  3. 1071dec Fix lints/pedantic, require Dart 2.14 (#122) by Kevin Moore · 4 months ago
  4. 910b023 drop package:pedantic, use package:lints (#120) by Jacob MacDonald · 4 months ago
  5. a20cd34 Merge pull request #111 from dart-lang/franklinyow-patch-1 by Franklin Yow · 10 months ago

A file system watcher.

It monitors changes to contents of directories and sends notifications when files have been added, removed, or modified.