Adding more information to `LogFileStats` + minor updates to tests (#31)

* Adding duration for start and end times + record count

* Update

* Update to include counts for each event in LogFileStats

* Update

* Use package:clock for LogFileStats calculations

* Update to test to include newly added data points

* Added test to check CHANGELOG for matching versions

* Prep for publishing

* Remove redundant expect statement

* Ensure that no events are being sent for the first run + test

* Fixing tests to account for no events sent on tool first run

* Clean up from dart format

* dart format on test directory

* Use one clock for `now`

* Including formatDateTime to include timezone offset

* Updating documentation of `local_time`
9 files changed
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This repository is home to tooling related Dart packages. Generally, this means packages published through the publisher that don't naturally belong to other topic monorepos (like dart-lang/build, dart-lang/test, or dart-lang/shelf).


unified_analyticsA package for logging analytics for all Dart and Flutter related tooling to Google package

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