Prepare working version of `package:tflite_native` for Dart 2.6

origin/master is currently broken: The tests on windows fail because the
checked-in `lib/src/blobs/libtensorflowlite_c-win64.dll` library does
not seem to have the necessary symbols.

This branch is based on fbabf0b9 which is a working version of the
`package:tflite_native`. Any changes necessary for this code to work
with D26 ffi will be included in this branch.
13 files changed
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Build Status

A Dart interface to TensorFlow Lite (tflite) through Dart's foreign function interface (FFI). This library wraps the experimental tflite C API.

This package supports desktop use cases (Linux, OSX, Windows, etc) and Flutter developers should consider flutter_tflite. For example, this package locates a tflite dynamic library through Isolate.resolvePackageUri which doesn't translate perfectly in the Flutter context (see