Move functions to non-deprecated library (#2120)

Closes #2111

The intention had been to deprecate only the import, not the members,
but the semantics of a deprecated library is that all the members are
deprecated. Move the definitions to a non-deprecated library under
`src/` for conventional package privacy, and deprecate the exporting
library instead of the library with definitions.
5 files changed
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What's here?

Welcome! package:test is the standard testing library for Dart and Flutter. If you have questions about Dart testing, please see the docs for package:test. package:test_api and package:test_core are implementation details and generally not user-facing.

package:checks is a relatively new library for expressing test expectations. It's a more modern version of package:matcher and features a literate API.


checksA framework for checking values against expectations and building custom package
testA full featured library for writing and running Dart tests across package
test_apipub package
test_corepub package