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// Copyright (c) 2015, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
/// The state of a [LiveTest].
/// A test's state is made up of two components, its [status] and its [result].
/// The [status] represents where the test is in its process of running; the
/// [result] represents the outcome as far as its known.
class State {
/// Where the test is in its process of running.
final Status status;
/// The outcome of the test, as far as it's known.
/// Note that if [status] is [Status.pending], [result] will always be
/// [Result.success] since the test hasn't yet had a chance to fail.
final Result result;
/// Whether a test in this state is expected to be done running code.
/// If [status] is [Status.complete] and [result] doesn't indicate an error, a
/// properly-written test case should not be running any more code. However,
/// it may have started asynchronous processes without notifying the test
/// runner.
bool get shouldBeDone => status == Status.complete && result.isPassing;
const State(this.status, this.result);
bool operator ==(other) =>
other is State && status == other.status && result == other.result;
int get hashCode => status.hashCode ^ (7 * result.hashCode);
String toString() {
if (status == Status.pending) return 'pending';
if (status == Status.complete) return result.toString();
if (result == Result.success) return 'running';
return 'running with $result';
/// Where the test is in its process of running.
class Status {
/// The test has not yet begun running.
static const pending = Status._('pending');
/// The test is currently running.
static const running = Status._('running');
/// The test has finished running.
/// Note that even if the test is marked [complete], it may still be running
/// code asynchronously. A test is considered complete either once it hits its
/// first error or when all [expectAsync] callbacks have been called and any
/// returned [Future] has completed, but it's possible for further processing
/// to happen, which may cause further errors.
static const complete = Status._('complete');
/// The name of the status.
final String name;
factory Status.parse(String name) {
switch (name) {
case 'pending':
return Status.pending;
case 'running':
return Status.running;
case 'complete':
return Status.complete;
throw ArgumentError('Invalid status name "$name".');
const Status._(;
String toString() => name;
/// The outcome of the test, as far as it's known.
class Result {
/// The test has not yet failed in any way.
/// Note that this doesn't mean that the test won't fail in the future.
static const success = Result._('success');
/// The test, or some part of it, has been skipped.
/// This implies that the test hasn't failed *yet*. However, it this doesn't
/// mean that the test won't fail in the future.
static const skipped = Result._('skipped');
/// The test has failed.
/// A failure is specifically caused by a [TestFailure] being thrown; any
/// other exception causes an error.
static const failure = Result._('failure');
/// The test has crashed.
/// Any exception other than a [TestFailure] is considered to be an error.
static const error = Result._('error');
/// The name of the result.
final String name;
/// Whether this is a passing result.
/// A test is considered to have passed if it's a success or if it was
/// skipped.
bool get isPassing => this == success || this == skipped;
/// Whether this is a failing result.
/// A test is considered to have failed if it experiences a failure or an
/// error.
bool get isFailing => !isPassing;
factory Result.parse(String name) {
switch (name) {
case 'success':
return Result.success;
case 'skipped':
return Result.skipped;
case 'failure':
return Result.failure;
case 'error':
return Result.error;
throw ArgumentError('Invalid result name "$name".');
const Result._(;
String toString() => name;