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// Copyright (c) 2016, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
import 'dart:async';
import 'dart:developer';
import 'dart:io';
import 'dart:isolate';
import 'package:async/async.dart';
import 'package:coverage/coverage.dart';
import 'package:path/path.dart' as p;
import 'package:stream_channel/isolate_channel.dart';
import 'package:stream_channel/stream_channel.dart';
import 'package:test_api/backend.dart'; // ignore: deprecated_member_use
import 'package:test_api/src/backend/runtime.dart'; // ignore: implementation_imports
import 'package:test_api/src/backend/suite_platform.dart'; // ignore: implementation_imports
import 'package:test_core/src/runner/vm/test_compiler.dart';
import 'package:vm_service/vm_service.dart' hide Isolate;
import 'package:vm_service/vm_service_io.dart';
import '../../runner/configuration.dart';
import '../../runner/environment.dart';
import '../../runner/load_exception.dart';
import '../../runner/platform.dart';
import '../../runner/plugin/platform_helpers.dart';
import '../../runner/runner_suite.dart';
import '../../runner/suite.dart';
import '../../util/dart.dart' as dart;
import '../../util/package_config.dart';
import '../package_version.dart';
import 'environment.dart';
/// A platform that loads tests in isolates spawned within this Dart process.
class VMPlatform extends PlatformPlugin {
/// The test runner configuration.
final _config = Configuration.current;
final _compiler =
TestCompiler(p.join(p.current, '.dart_tool', 'pkg_test_kernel.bin'));
final _closeMemo = AsyncMemoizer<void>();
StreamChannel<dynamic> loadChannel(String path, SuitePlatform platform) =>
throw UnimplementedError();
Future<RunnerSuite?> load(String path, SuitePlatform platform,
SuiteConfiguration suiteConfig, Map<String, Object?> message) async {
assert(platform.runtime == Runtime.vm);
var receivePort = ReceivePort();
Isolate? isolate;
try {
isolate =
await _spawnIsolate(path, receivePort.sendPort, suiteConfig.metadata);
if (isolate == null) return null;
} catch (error) {
VmService? client;
StreamSubscription<Event>? eventSub;
var channel = IsolateChannel.connectReceive(receivePort)
.transformStream(StreamTransformer.fromHandlers(handleDone: (sink) {
Environment? environment;
IsolateRef? isolateRef;
if (_config.debug) {
var info =
await Service.controlWebServer(enable: true, silenceOutput: true);
var isolateID = Service.getIsolateID(isolate)!;
var libraryPath = p.toUri(p.absolute(path)).toString();
client = await vmServiceConnectUri(_wsUriFor(info.serverUri.toString()));
var isolateNumber = int.parse(isolateID.split('/').last);
isolateRef = (await client.getVM())
.firstWhere((isolate) => isolate.number == isolateNumber.toString());
await client.setName(!, path);
var libraryRef = (await client.getIsolate(!))
.firstWhere((library) => library.uri == libraryPath);
var url = _observatoryUrlFor(
environment = VMEnvironment(url, isolateRef, client);
environment ??= PluginEnvironment();
var controller = deserializeSuite(
path, platform, suiteConfig, environment, channel.cast(), message,
gatherCoverage: () => _gatherCoverage(environment!));
if (isolateRef != null) {
await client!.streamListen('Debug');
eventSub = client.onDebugEvent.listen((event) {
if (event.kind == EventKind.kResume) {
} else if (event.kind == EventKind.kPauseInterrupted ||
event.kind == EventKind.kPauseBreakpoint ||
event.kind == EventKind.kPauseException) {
return await controller.suite;
Future close() => _closeMemo.runOnce(() => _compiler.dispose());
/// Spawns an isolate and passes it [message].
/// This isolate connects an [IsolateChannel] to [message] and sends the
/// serialized tests over that channel.
Future<Isolate?> _spawnIsolate(
String path, SendPort message, Metadata suiteMetadata) async {
try {
var precompiledPath = _config.suiteDefaults.precompiledPath;
if (precompiledPath != null) {
return _spawnPrecompiledIsolate(path, message, precompiledPath);
} else if (_config.pubServeUrl != null) {
return _spawnPubServeIsolate(path, message, _config.pubServeUrl!);
} else if (_config.useDataIsolateStrategy) {
return _spawnDataIsolate(path, message, suiteMetadata);
} else {
return _spawnKernelIsolate(path, message, suiteMetadata);
} catch (_) {
if (_closeMemo.hasRun) return null;
/// Compiles [path] to kernel using [_compiler] and spawns that in an
/// isolate.
Future<Isolate> _spawnKernelIsolate(
String path, SendPort message, Metadata suiteMetadata) async {
final response =
await _compiler.compile(File(path).absolute.uri, suiteMetadata);
var compiledDill = response.kernelOutputUri?.toFilePath();
if (compiledDill == null || response.errorCount > 0) {
throw LoadException(path, response.compilerOutput ?? 'unknown error');
return await Isolate.spawnUri(p.toUri(compiledDill), [], message,
packageConfig: await packageConfigUri, checked: true);
Future<Isolate> _spawnDataIsolate(
String path, SendPort message, Metadata suiteMetadata) async {
return await dart.runInIsolate('''
${suiteMetadata.languageVersionComment ?? await rootPackageLanguageVersionComment}
import "dart:isolate";
import "package:test_core/src/bootstrap/vm.dart";
import "${p.toUri(p.absolute(path))}" as test;
void main(_, SendPort sendPort) {
internalBootstrapVmTest(() => test.main, sendPort);
''', message);
Future<Isolate> _spawnPrecompiledIsolate(
String testPath, SendPort message, String precompiledPath) async {
testPath = p.absolute(p.join(precompiledPath, testPath) + '.vm_test.dart');
var dillTestpath =
testPath.substring(0, testPath.length - '.dart'.length) + '';
if (await File(dillTestpath).exists()) {
testPath = dillTestpath;
return await Isolate.spawnUri(p.toUri(testPath), [], message,
packageConfig: p.toUri(p.join(precompiledPath, '.packages')),
checked: true);
Future<Map<String, dynamic>> _gatherCoverage(Environment environment) async {
final isolateId = Uri.parse(environment.observatoryUrl!.fragment)
return await collect(environment.observatoryUrl!, false, false, false, {},
isolateIds: {isolateId!});
Future<Isolate> _spawnPubServeIsolate(
String testPath, SendPort message, Uri pubServeUrl) async {
var url = pubServeUrl.resolveUri(
p.toUri(p.relative(testPath, from: 'test') + '.vm_test.dart'));
try {
return await Isolate.spawnUri(url, [], message, checked: true);
} on IsolateSpawnException catch (error) {
if (error.message.contains('OS Error: Connection refused') ||
error.message.contains('The remote computer refused')) {
throw LoadException(
'Error getting $url: Connection refused\n'
'Make sure "pub serve" is running.');
} else if (error.message.contains('404 Not Found')) {
throw LoadException(
'Error getting $url: 404 Not Found\n'
'Make sure "pub serve" is serving the test/ directory.');
throw LoadException(testPath, error);
String _wsUriFor(String observatoryUrl) =>
Uri _observatoryUrlFor(String base, String isolateId, String id) =>