• Require Dart 2.14
  • Populate the pubspec repository field.
  • Handle multichannel messages where the ID element is a double at runtime instead of an int. When reading an array with dart2wasm numbers within the array are parsed as double.


  • Stable release for null safety.


Breaking changes

  • IsolateChannel requires a separate import package:stram_channel/isolate_channel.dart. package:stream_channel/stream_channel.dart will now not trigger any platform concerns due to importing dart:isolate.
  • Remove JsonDocumentTransformer class. The jsonDocument top level is still available.
  • Remove StreamChannelTransformer.typed. Use .cast on the transformed channel instead.
  • Change Future<dynamic> returns to Future<void>.


  • Make IsolateChannel available through package:stream_channel/isolate_channel.dart. This will be the required import in the next release.
  • Require 2.0.0 or newer SDK.
  • Internal style changes.


  • Set max SDK version to <3.0.0, and adjust other dependencies.


  • Fix Dart 2 runtime types in IsolateChannel.


  • Update SDK version to 2.0.0-dev.17.0.
  • Add a type argument to MultiChannel.


  • Fix a Dart 2 issue with inner stream transformation in GuaranteeChannel.

  • Fix a Dart 2 issue with StreamChannelTransformer.fromCodec().


  • Fix an issue with JsonDocumentTransformer.bind where it created an internal stream channel which didn't get a properly inferred type for its sink.


  • Fix a race condition in MultiChannel where messages from a remote virtual channel could get dropped if the corresponding local channel wasn't registered quickly enough.


  • Use pumpEventQueue() from test.


  • Declare support for async 2.0.0.


  • Fix the type of StreamChannel.transform(). This previously inverted the generic parameters, so it only really worked with transformers where both generic types were identical.


  • Disconnector.disconnect() now returns a future that completes when all the inner StreamSink.close() futures have completed.


  • Add new StreamChannel.withCloseGuarantee() to provide the specific guarantee that closing the sink causes the stream to close before it emits any more events. This is the only guarantee that isn't automatically preserved when transforming a channel.

  • StreamChannelTransformers provided by the stream_channel package now properly provide the guarantee that closing the sink causes the stream to close before it emits any more events


  • Add StreamChannel.cast(), which soundly coerces the generic type of a channel.

  • Add StreamChannelTransformer.typed(), which soundly coerces the generic type of a transformer.


  • Fix all strong-mode errors and warnings.


  • Make IsolateChannel slightly more efficient.

  • Make MultiChannel follow the stream channel rules.


  • Add Disconnector, a transformer that allows the caller to disconnect the transformed channel.


  • Add new StreamChannel.withGuarantees(), which creates a channel with extra wrapping to ensure that it obeys the stream channel guarantees.

  • Add StreamChannelController, which can be used to create custom StreamChannel objects.


  • Fix the type annotation for StreamChannel.transform()'s parameter.


  • Add StreamChannel.transformStream(), StreamChannel.transformSink(), StreamChannel.changeStream(), and StreamChannel.changeSink() to support changing only the stream or only the sink of a channel.

  • Be more explicit about JsonDocumentTransformer's error-handling behavior.


  • Fix MultiChannel‘s constructor to take a StreamChannel. This is technically a breaking change, but since 1.0.0 was only released an hour ago, we’re treating it as a bug fix.


  • Initial version