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// Copyright (c) 2014, Google Inc. Please see the AUTHORS file for details.
// All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
/// Stagehand is a Dart project generator.
/// Stagehand helps you get your Dart projects set up and ready for the big
/// show.
/// It is a Dart project scaffolding generator, inspired by tools like Web
/// Starter Kit and Yeoman.
/// It can be used as a command-line application, or as a regular Dart library
/// composed it a larger development tool. To use as a command-line app, run:
/// ```console
/// > pub global run stagehand
/// ```
/// to see a list of all app types you can create, and:
/// ```console
/// > mkdir foobar
/// > cd foobar
/// > pub global run stagehand webapp
/// ```
/// to create a new instance of the `webapp` template in a `foobar` directory.
library stagehand;
import 'dart:async';
import 'dart:convert';
import 'src/common.dart';
import 'src/generators/console_full.dart';
import 'src/generators/console_simple.dart';
import 'src/generators/package_simple.dart';
import 'src/generators/server_shelf.dart';
import 'src/generators/web_angular.dart';
import 'src/generators/web_simple.dart';
import 'src/generators/web_stagexl.dart';
/// A curated, prescriptive list of Dart project generators.
final List<Generator> generators = [
Generator getGenerator(String id) {
return generators.firstWhere((g) => == id, orElse: () => null);
/// An abstract class which both defines a template generator and can generate a
/// user project based on this template.
abstract class Generator implements Comparable<Generator> {
final String id;
final String label;
final String description;
final List<String> categories;
final List<TemplateFile> files = [];
TemplateFile _entrypoint;
Generator(, this.label, this.description,
{this.categories = const []});
/// The entrypoint of the application; the main file for the project, which an
/// IDE might open after creating the project.
TemplateFile get entrypoint => _entrypoint;
/// Add a new template file.
TemplateFile addTemplateFile(TemplateFile file) {
return file;
/// Return the template file wih the given [path].
TemplateFile getFile(String path) {
return files.firstWhere((file) => file.path == path, orElse: () => null);
/// Set the main entrypoint of this template. This is the 'most important' file
/// of this template. An IDE might use this information to open this file after
/// the user's project is generated.
void setEntrypoint(TemplateFile entrypoint) {
if (_entrypoint != null) throw StateError('entrypoint already set');
if (entrypoint == null) throw StateError('entrypoint is null');
_entrypoint = entrypoint;
Future generate(String projectName, GeneratorTarget target,
{Map<String, String> additionalVars}) {
var vars = {
'projectName': projectName,
'description': description,
'author': '<your name>'
if (additionalVars != null) {
additionalVars.keys.forEach((key) {
vars[key] = additionalVars[key];
return Future.forEach(files, (TemplateFile file) {
var resultFile = file.runSubstitution(vars);
var filePath = resultFile.path;
return target.createFile(filePath, resultFile.content);
int numFiles() => files.length;
int compareTo(Generator other) =>
/// Return some user facing instructions about how to finish installation of
/// the template.
String getInstallInstructions() => '';
String toString() => '[$id: $description]';
/// A target for a [Generator]. This class knows how to create files given a path
/// for the file (relavtive to the particular [GeneratorTarget] instance), and
/// the binary content for the file.
abstract class GeneratorTarget {
/// Create a file at the given path with the given contents.
Future createFile(String path, List<int> contents);
/// This class represents a file in a generator template. The contents could
/// either be binary or text. If text, the contents may contain mustache
/// variables that can be substituted (`__myVar__`).
class TemplateFile {
final String path;
final String content;
List<int> _binaryData;
TemplateFile(this.path, this.content);
TemplateFile.fromBinary(this.path, this._binaryData) : content = null;
FileContents runSubstitution(Map<String, String> parameters) {
if (path == 'pubspec.yaml' && parameters['author'] == '<your name>') {
parameters = Map.from(parameters);
parameters['author'] = 'Your Name';
var newPath = substituteVars(path, parameters);
var newContents = _createContent(parameters);
return FileContents(newPath, newContents);
bool get isBinary => _binaryData != null;
List<int> _createContent(Map<String, String> vars) {
if (isBinary) {
return _binaryData;
} else {
return utf8.encode(substituteVars(content, vars));
class FileContents {
final String path;
final List<int> content;
FileContents(this.path, this.content);