Contributing :purple_heart:

Thanks for thinking about helping with Stagehand! Here are a couple of ways that you can contribute:

To avoid wasting your time, please talk with us before you make any nontrivial pull request. The issue tracker is a good way to track your progress publicly, but we can also communicate other ways such as email and Gitter.

Compress templates

If you make changes to template files, regenerate the templates:

pub run build_runner build --delete-conflicting-outputs

Make sure to use Unix line endings when you edit template files, especially on Windows machines. Otherwise the template files might get the wrong line endings.

Run tests

Travis runs these too, but your PR will look better if all tests pass the first time:

pub run test
dart test/validate_templates.dart

The validate_templates.dart test currently doesn't support the different line endings on Windows machines and fails, so prefer using a Linux or Mac machine for contributing to this project.


For more information on contributing to Dart, see the dart-lang/sdk Contributing page.