Remove support for legacy arguments (#9)

Closes #8

Remove deprecated `packageRoot` argument, nothing should be using this.

Change `sdkUri` to be statically a `Uri` for more type safety. We only
ever really need the String representation, but by enforcing the type we
keep usage more on the rails. The only usage in `package:test_core` is
passing a Uri, and other uses can easily wrap with `Uri.parse`.

Bump the minimum SDK to `2.4.0`. Not version of `package:test` will
support this package with a lower SDK bound, so it is not useful to
claim support for earlier SDKs that we can't test on.
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source_map_stack_trace is a package for converting stack traces generated by dart2js-compiled JavaScript code into readable native Dart stack traces using source maps. For example:

import 'package:source_map_stack_trace/source_map_stack_trace.dart';

void main() {
  var jsTrace = // Get a StackTrace generated by dart2js.
  var mapping = // Get a source map mapping the JS to the Dart source.

  // Convert jsTrace to refer to the Dart source instead.
  var dartTrace = mapStackTrace(jsTrace, sourceMap);

This can convert the following JavaScript trace:

expect_async_test.dart.browser_test.dart.js 2636:15   dart.wrapException
expect_async_test.dart.browser_test.dart.js 14661:15$0
expect_async_test.dart.browser_test.dart.js 18237:26$1
expect_async_test.dart.browser_test.dart.js 17905:23$0
expect_async_test.dart.browser_test.dart.js 17876:16  StackZoneSpecification._stack_zone_specification$_run$2
expect_async_test.dart.browser_test.dart.js 17899:26$1
expect_async_test.dart.browser_test.dart.js 6115:16   _rootRunUnary
expect_async_test.dart.browser_test.dart.js 8576:39   _CustomZone.runUnary$2
expect_async_test.dart.browser_test.dart.js 7135:57$0
expect_async_test.dart.browser_test.dart.js 7031:147  dart._Future.static._Future__propagateToListeners


dart:_internal/compiler/js_lib/js_helper.dart 1210:1          wrapException
test/frontend/expect_async_test.dart 24:5                     main.<fn>.<fn>
package:test/src/backend/declarer.dart 45:48                  Declarer.test.<fn>.<fn>
package:stack_trace/src/stack_zone_specification.dart 134:30  StackZoneSpecification.registerUnaryCallback.<fn>.<fn>
package:stack_trace/src/stack_zone_specification.dart 210:7   StackZoneSpecification._run
package:stack_trace/src/stack_zone_specification.dart 135:5   StackZoneSpecification.registerUnaryCallback.<fn>
dart:async/zone.dart 904:14                                   _rootRunUnary
dart:async/zone.dart 806:3                                    _CustomZone.runUnary
dart:async/future_impl.dart 486:13                            _Future._propagateToListeners.handleValueCallback
dart:async/future_impl.dart 567:32                            _Future._propagateToListeners