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// Copyright (c) 2014, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
/// And end-to-end test that generates code and checks that the output matches
/// the code in `static_test.dart`. Techincally we could run the result in an
/// isolate, but instead we decided to split that up in two tests. This test
/// ensures that we generate the code as it was written in static_test, and
/// separately static_test ensures that the smoke.static library behaves as
/// expected.
library smoke.test.codegen.end_to_end_test;
import 'dart:io';
import 'package:analyzer/src/generated/element.dart';
import 'package:smoke/codegen/generator.dart';
import 'package:smoke/codegen/recorder.dart';
import 'package:test/test.dart';
import 'package:path/path.dart' as path;
import 'testing_resolver_utils.dart' show initAnalyzer;
void main([List<String> args]) {
final updateStaticTest =
args != null && args.length > 0 && args[0] == '--update_static_test';
test('static_test is up to date', () {
var scriptPath = path.fromUri(Platform.script);
var testDir = path.dirname(path.dirname(scriptPath));
var commonPath = path.join(testDir, 'common.dart');
var testCode = new File('$commonPath').readAsStringSync();
var lib = initAnalyzer({'common.dart': testCode}).libraryFor('common.dart');
var generator = new SmokeCodeGenerator();
var recorder = new Recorder(generator, _resolveImportUrl);
lookupMember(String className, String memberName, bool recursive) {
recorder.lookupMember(lib.getType(className), memberName,
recursive: recursive, includeAccessors: false);
runQuery(String className, QueryOptions options) {
recorder.runQuery(lib.getType(className), options,
includeAccessors: false);
// Record all getters and setters we use in the tests.
['i', 'j2'].forEach(generator.addSetter);
// Record static methods used in the tests
recorder.addStaticMethod(lib.getType('A'), 'staticInc');
// Record symbol convertions.
/// Record all parent-class relations that we explicitly request.
].forEach((className) => recorder.lookupParent(lib.getType(className)));
// Record members for which we implicitly request their declaration in
// has-getter and has-setter tests.
lookupMember('A', 'i', true);
lookupMember('A', 'j2', true);
lookupMember('A', 'inc2', true);
lookupMember('B', 'a', true);
lookupMember('B', 'f', true);
lookupMember('D', 'i', true);
lookupMember('E', 'y', true);
// Record also lookups for non-exisiting members.
lookupMember('B', 'i', true);
lookupMember('E', 'x', true);
lookupMember('E', 'z', true);
// Record members for which we explicitly request their declaration.
lookupMember('B', 'a', false);
lookupMember('B', 'w', false);
lookupMember('A', 'inc1', false);
lookupMember('F', 'staticMethod', false);
lookupMember('G', 'b', false);
lookupMember('G', 'd', false);
// Lookups from no-such-method test.
lookupMember('A', 'noSuchMethod', true);
lookupMember('E', 'noSuchMethod', true);
lookupMember('E2', 'noSuchMethod', true);
// Lookups from has-instance-method and has-static-method tests.
lookupMember('A', 'inc0', true);
lookupMember('A', 'inc3', true);
lookupMember('C', 'inc', true);
lookupMember('D', 'inc', true);
lookupMember('D', 'inc0', true);
lookupMember('F', 'staticMethod', true);
lookupMember('F2', 'staticMethod', true);
// Record all queries done by the test.
runQuery('A', new QueryOptions());
runQuery('D', new QueryOptions(includeInherited: true));
var vars = lib.definingCompilationUnit.topLevelVariables;
expect(vars[0].name, 'a1');
expect(vars[1].name, 'a2');
runQuery('H', new QueryOptions(
includeInherited: true,
withAnnotations: [vars[0], vars[1], lib.getType('Annot')]));
runQuery('K', new QueryOptions(
includeInherited: true, withAnnotations: [lib.getType('AnnotC')]));
runQuery('L', new QueryOptions(includeMethods: true));
runQuery('L2', new QueryOptions(
includeInherited: true, includeMethods: true));
var code = _createEntrypoint(generator);
var staticTestFile = new File(path.join(testDir, 'static_test.dart'));
var existingCode = staticTestFile.readAsStringSync();
if (!updateStaticTest) {
expect(code, existingCode);
} else if (code == existingCode) {
print('static_test.dart is already up to date');
} else {
print('static_test.dart has been updated.');
}, skip: '');
String _createEntrypoint(SmokeCodeGenerator generator) {
var sb = new StringBuffer()
..writeln('/// ---- AUTOGENERATED: DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE --------------')
..writeln('/// To update this test file, call:')
..writeln('/// > dart codegen/end_to_end_test.dart --update_static_test')
..writeln('/// --------------------------------------------------------')
..writeln('\nlibrary smoke.test.static_test;\n')
..writeln("import 'package:unittest/unittest.dart';");
sb.writeln("import 'common.dart' as common show main;\n");
sb.write('\nfinal configuration = ');
generator.writeStaticConfiguration(sb, 0);
..writeln('main() {')
..writeln(' setUp(() => useGeneratedCode(configuration));')
..writeln(' common.main();')
return sb.toString();
String _resolveImportUrl(LibraryElement lib) {
if (lib.isDartCore) return 'dart:core';
if (lib.displayName == 'smoke.test.common') return 'common.dart';
return 'unknown.dart';