This CL changes some status comments, but also points out an issue.

The point is that #32782 requests a fix such that
`typedef F1 = void Function(int)` and `typedef void F2(int)`
satisfy that `F1 == F2` evaluates to true. This is marked
'p3-low' for the common front end but 'p1-high' for DDC.

It seems likely to me that this could create the situation where
code is developed using DDC, is working, and then fails upon
deployment using the vm. Also, there is a single case where
`dart2js` fails in the associated `type_alias_equality_test.dart`,
so deployment on the web would also fail upon deployment, though
only in some of the cases.

However, with some input from Aske I concluded that the situation
might have arisen because there _is_ no work to do for this in the
common front end, because it will be handled by the backend (which
also explains why `dart2js` has it almost right).

This CL is just introducing a tiny change: It changes the issue
indicated for all VM related failures in said test to point to
#32783, which is presumably the right issue for backend work.

Apart from that, I've added you, the reviewers, in order to make
sure that the relevant people get this heads up. We may then decide
to land this CL, change the priority on #31359, do nothing, or
whatever turns out to be the right response. ;-)

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