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// Copyright (c) 2013, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
import 'dart:convert';
import 'dart:io';
import 'package:path/path.dart' as path;
import 'configuration.dart';
import 'path.dart';
import 'repository.dart';
import 'test_configurations.dart';
import 'utils.dart';
const _defaultTestSelectors = [
/// Specifies a single command line option.
/// The name of the specification is used as the key for the option in the Map
/// returned from [OptionsParser.parse].
class _Option {
// TODO(rnystrom): Some string options use "" to mean "no value" and others
// use null. Clean that up.
_Option(, this.description,
{String abbr,
List<String> values,
String defaultsTo,
bool allowMultiple,
bool hide})
: abbreviation = abbr,
values = values ?? [],
defaultValue = defaultsTo,
type = _OptionValueType.string,
allowMultiple = allowMultiple ?? true,
verboseOnly = hide ?? false;
_Option.bool(, this.description, {String abbr, bool hide})
: abbreviation = abbr,
values = [],
defaultValue = false,
type = _OptionValueType.bool,
allowMultiple = false,
verboseOnly = hide ?? false;, this.description,
{String abbr, int defaultsTo, bool hide})
: abbreviation = abbr,
values = [],
defaultValue = defaultsTo,
type =,
allowMultiple = false,
verboseOnly = hide ?? false;
final String name;
final String description;
final String abbreviation;
final List<String> values;
final Object defaultValue;
final _OptionValueType type;
/// Whether a comma-separated list of values is permitted.
final bool allowMultiple;
/// Only show this option in the verbose help.
final bool verboseOnly;
/// The shortest command line argument used to refer to this option.
String get shortCommand => abbreviation != null ? "-$abbreviation" : command;
/// The canonical long command line argument used to refer to this option.
String get command => "--${name.replaceAll('_', '-')}";
enum _OptionValueType { bool, int, string }
/// Parses command line arguments and produces a test runner configuration.
class OptionsParser {
/// Allows tests to specify a custom test matrix.
final String _testMatrixFile;
OptionsParser([this._testMatrixFile = 'tools/bots/test_matrix.json']);
static final List<_Option> _options = [
_Option('mode', 'Mode in which to run the tests.',
abbr: 'm', values: ['all', ...Mode.names]),
'''How the Dart code should be compiled or statically processed.
none: Do not compile the Dart code.
dart2js: Compile to JavaScript using dart2js.
dart2analyzer: Perform static analysis on Dart code using the analyzer.
compare_analyzer_cfe: Compare analyzer and common front end representations.
dartdevc: Compile to JavaScript using dart2js.
dartdevk: Compile to JavaScript using dartdevk.
app_jitk: Compile the Dart code into Kernel and then into an app
dartk: Compile the Dart code into Kernel before running test.
dartkp: Compile the Dart code into Kernel and then Kernel into
AOT snapshot before running the test.
spec_parser: Parse Dart code using the specification parser.
fasta: Compile using CFE for errors, but do not run.
abbr: 'c',
values: Compiler.names),
'''Where the tests should be run.
vm: Run Dart code on the standalone Dart VM.
dart_precompiled: Run a precompiled snapshot on the VM without a JIT.
d8: Run JavaScript from the command line using v8.
jsshell: Run JavaScript from the command line using Firefox js-shell.
chromeOnAndroid: Run JavaScript in the specified browser.
none: No runtime, compile only.''',
abbr: 'r',
values: Runtime.names),
'''The architecture to run tests for.
Allowed values are:
ia32, x64
arm, armv6, arm64,
simarm, simarmv6, simarm64, arm_x64''',
abbr: 'a',
values: ['all', ...Architecture.names],
hide: true),
_Option('system', 'The operating system to run tests on.',
abbr: 's',
values: ['all', ...System.names],
defaultsTo: Platform.operatingSystem,
hide: true),
_Option('sanitizer', 'Sanitizer in which to run the tests.',
defaultsTo:, values: ['all', ...Sanitizer.names]),
'''The named test configuration that supplies the values for all
test options, specifying how tests should be run.''',
abbr: 'n',
hide: true),
'build', 'Build the necessary targets to test this configuration'),
// TODO(sigmund): rename flag once we migrate all dart2js bots to the test
// matrix.
_Option.bool('host_checked', 'Run compiler with assertions enabled.',
hide: true),
_Option.bool('minified', 'Enable minification in the compiler.',
hide: true),
_Option.bool('csp', 'Run tests under Content Security Policy restrictions.',
hide: true),
'Only run tests that are not marked `Slow` or `Timeout`.'),
'Pass the --enable-asserts flag to dart2js or to the vm.'),
_Option.bool('use_cfe', 'Pass the --use-cfe flag to analyzer', hide: true),
'Pass the --use-fasta-parser flag to analyzer',
hide: true),
_Option.bool('hot_reload', 'Run hot reload stress tests.', hide: true),
_Option.bool('hot_reload_rollback', 'Run hot reload rollback stress tests.',
hide: true),
'use_blobs', 'Use mmap instead of shared libraries for precompilation.',
hide: true),
'Directly generate an ELF shared libraries for precompilation.',
hide: true),
_Option.bool('use_qemu', 'Use qemu to test arm32 on x64 host machines.',
hide: true),
_Option.bool('keep_generated_files', 'Keep any generated files.',
abbr: 'k'),'timeout', 'Timeout in seconds.', abbr: 't'),
'''Progress indication mode.
Allowed values are:
compact, color, line, verbose, silent, status, buildbot''',
abbr: 'p',
values: Progress.names,
allowMultiple: false),
_Option('step_name', 'Step name for use by -pbuildbot.', hide: true),
'Print a summary report of the number of tests, by expectation.',
hide: true),
_Option.bool('report_failures', 'Print a summary of the tests that failed.',
hide: true),'tasks', 'The number of parallel tasks to run.',
abbr: 'j', defaultsTo: Platform.numberOfProcessors),'shards',
'The number of instances that the tests will be sharded over.',
defaultsTo: 1, hide: true),
'shard', 'The index of this instance when running in sharded mode.',
defaultsTo: 1, hide: true),
_Option.bool('help', 'Print list of options.', abbr: 'h'),'repeat', 'How many times each test is run', defaultsTo: 1),
_Option.bool('verbose', 'Verbose output.', abbr: 'v'),
_Option.bool('verify-ir', 'Verify kernel IR.', hide: true),
_Option.bool('no-tree-shake', 'Disable kernel IR tree shaking.',
hide: true),
_Option.bool('list', 'List tests only, do not run them.'),
_Option.bool('find-configurations', 'Find matching configurations.'),
_Option.bool('list-configurations', 'Output list of configurations.'),
'List status files for test-suites. Do not run any test suites.',
hide: true),
_Option.bool('clean_exit', 'Exit 0 if tests ran and results were output.',
hide: true),
"Don't complain about failing tests. This is useful when in "
"combination with --write-results.",
hide: true),
'When listing with --list, output result summary in JSON.',
hide: true),
_Option.bool('time', 'Print timing information after running tests.'),
_Option('dart', 'Path to dart executable.', hide: true),
_Option('gen-snapshot', 'Path to gen_snapshot executable.', hide: true),
_Option('firefox', 'Path to firefox browser executable.', hide: true),
_Option('chrome', 'Path to chrome browser executable.', hide: true),
_Option('safari', 'Path to safari browser executable.', hide: true),
_Option.bool('use_sdk', '''Use compiler or runtime from the SDK.'''),
'''Which set of non-nullable type features to use.
Allowed values are: legacy, weak, strong''',
values: NnbdMode.names,
allowMultiple: false),
// TODO(rnystrom): This does not appear to be used. Remove?
'The name of the build directory, where products are placed.',
hide: true),
'The name of the output directory for storing log files.',
defaultsTo: "logs", hide: true),
_Option.bool('no_batch', 'Do not run tests in batch mode.', hide: true),
'Don\'t write debug messages to stdout but rather to a logfile.',
hide: true),
'Write results to a "${TestUtils.resultsFileName}" json file '
'located at the debug_output_directory.',
hide: true),
'Include the stdout and stderr of tests that don\'t match expectations '
'in the "${TestUtils.logsFileName}" file',
hide: true),
'''Browser specific reset of configuration.
Warning: Using this option may remove your bookmarks and other
hide: true),
'''If we see a crash that we did not expect, copy the core dumps to
hide: true),
_Option.bool('rr', '''Run VM tests under rr and save traces from crashes''',
hide: true),
'''IP address the HTTP servers should listen on. This address is also
used for browsers to connect to.''',
defaultsTo: '',
hide: true),'test_server_port', 'Port for test http server.',
defaultsTo: 0, hide: true),'test_server_cross_origin_port',
'Port for test http server cross origin.',
defaultsTo: 0, hide: true),'test_driver_port', 'Port for http test driver server.',
defaultsTo: 0, hide: true),
'test_driver_error_port', 'Port for http test driver server errors.',
defaultsTo: 0, hide: true),
_Option('test_list', 'File containing a list of tests to be executed.',
hide: true),
_Option('tests', 'A newline separated list of tests to be executed.'),
'''Machine specific options that is not captured by the regular test
options. Used to be able to make sane updates to the status files.''',
hide: true),
_Option('vm_options', 'Extra options to send to the VM when running.',
hide: true),
_Option('dart2js_options', 'Extra options for dart2js compilation step.',
hide: true),
_Option('shared_options', 'Extra shared options.', hide: true),
_Option('enable-experiment', 'Experiment flags to enable.'),
'''Transforms dart2js output with Babel. The value must be
Babel options JSON.''',
hide: true),
_Option('suite_dir', 'Additional directory to add to the testing matrix.',
hide: true),
_Option('package_root', 'The package root to use for testing.', hide: true),
_Option('packages', 'The package spec file to use for testing.',
hide: true),
'''Exclude suites from default selector, only works when no selector
has been specified on the command line.''',
hide: true),
'Print the stdout of passing, as well as failing, tests.',
hide: true),
'Log VM service response sizes in CSV files in the provided directory',
hide: true),
/// For printing out reproducing command lines, we don't want to add these
/// options.
static final _denylistedOptions = {
/// The set of objects which the named configuration should imply.
static const _namedConfigurationOptions = {
/// Parses a list of strings as test options.
/// Returns a list of configurations in which to run the tests.
/// Configurations are maps mapping from option keys to values. When
/// encountering the first non-option string, the rest of the arguments are
/// stored in the returned Map under the 'rest' key.
List<TestConfiguration> parse(List<String> arguments) {
// Help supersedes all other arguments.
if (arguments.contains("--help") || arguments.contains("-h")) {
verbose: arguments.contains("--verbose") || arguments.contains("-v"));
return const [];
// Parse the command line arguments to a map.
var options = <String, dynamic>{};
for (var i = 0; i < arguments.length; i++) {
var arg = arguments[i];
// Extract name and value for options.
String command;
String value;
_Option option;
if (arg.startsWith("--")) {
// A long option name.
var equals = arg.indexOf("=");
if (equals != -1) {
// A long option with a value, like "--arch=ia32".
command = arg.substring(0, equals);
value = arg.substring(equals + 1);
} else {
command = arg;
option = _findByName(command.substring(2));
} else if (arg.startsWith("-")) {
// An abbreviated option.
if (arg.length == 1) {
_fail('Missing option name after "-".');
command = arg.substring(0, 2);
if (arg.length > 2) {
// An abbreviated option followed by a value, like "-aia32".
value = arg.substring(2);
option = _findByAbbreviation(command.substring(1));
} else {
// The argument does not start with "-" or "--" and is therefore not an
// option. Use it as a test selector pattern.
var patterns = options.putIfAbsent("selectors", () => <String>[]);
var allSuiteDirectories = [
// Allow passing in the full relative path to a test or directory and
// infer the selector from it. This lets users use tab completion on
// the command line.
for (var suiteDirectory in allSuiteDirectories) {
var path = suiteDirectory.toString();
if (arg.startsWith("$path/") || arg.startsWith("$path\\")) {
arg = arg.substring(path.lastIndexOf("/") + 1);
// Remove the `src/` subdirectories from the co19 and co19_2
// directories that do not appear in the test names.
if (arg.startsWith("co19")) {
arg = arg.replaceFirst(RegExp("src[/\]"), "");
// If they tab complete to a single test, ignore the ".dart".
if (arg.endsWith(".dart")) arg = arg.substring(0, arg.length - 5);
if (option == null) {
_fail('Unknown command line option "$command".');
// If we need a value, look at the next argument.
if (value == null && option.type != _OptionValueType.bool) {
if (i + 1 >= arguments.length) {
_fail('Missing value for command line option "$command".');
value = arguments[++i];
// Multiple uses of a flag are an error, because there is no naturally
// correct way to handle conflicting options.
if (options.containsKey( {
_fail('Already have value for command line option "$command".');
// Parse the value for the option.
switch (option.type) {
case _OptionValueType.bool:
if (value != null) {
_fail('Boolean flag "$command" does not take a value.');
options[] = true;
try {
options[] = int.parse(value);
} on FormatException {
_fail('Integer value expected for option "$command".');
case _OptionValueType.string:
// Validate against the allowed values.
if (option.values.isNotEmpty) {
validate(String value) {
if (!option.values.contains(value)) {
_fail('Unknown value "$value" for option "$command".');
if (option.allowMultiple) {
} else {
if (value.contains(",")) {
_fail('Only a single value is allowed for option "$command".');
// TODO(rnystrom): Store as a list instead of a comma-delimited
// string.
options[] = value;
if (options.containsKey('find-configurations')) {
return const [];
if (options.containsKey('list-configurations')) {
return const [];
// If a named configuration was specified ensure no other options, which are
// implied by the named configuration, were specified.
if (options['named_configuration'] is String) {
for (var optionName in _namedConfigurationOptions) {
if (options.containsKey(optionName)) {
var namedConfig = options['named_configuration'];
_fail("Can't pass '--$optionName' since it is determined by the "
"named configuration '$namedConfig'.");
// Apply default values for unspecified options.
for (var option in _options) {
if (!options.containsKey( {
options[] = option.defaultValue;
// Fetch list of tests to run, if option is present.
var testList = options['test_list'];
if (testList is String) {
options['test_list_contents'] = File(testList).readAsLinesSync();
var tests = options['tests'];
if (tests is String) {
if (options.containsKey('test_list_contents')) {
_fail('--tests and --test-list cannot be used together');
options['test_list_contents'] = LineSplitter.split(tests).toList();
return _createConfigurations(options);
/// Given a set of parsed option values, returns the list of command line
/// arguments that would reproduce that configuration.
List<String> _reproducingCommand(
Map<String, dynamic> data, bool usingNamedConfiguration) {
var arguments = <String>[];
for (var option in _options) {
var name =;
if (!data.containsKey(name) ||
_denylistedOptions.contains(name) ||
(usingNamedConfiguration &&
_namedConfigurationOptions.contains(name))) {
var value = data[name];
if (data[name] == option.defaultValue ||
(name == 'packages' &&
value == Repository.uri.resolve('.packages').toFilePath())) {
if (option.type != _OptionValueType.bool) {
return arguments;
List<TestConfiguration> _createConfigurations(
Map<String, dynamic> configuration) {
var selectors = _expandSelectors(configuration);
// Put observatory_ui in a configuration with its own packages override.
// Only one value in the configuration map is mutable:
if (selectors.containsKey('observatory_ui')) {
if (selectors.length == 1) {
configuration['packages'] =
} else {
// Make a new configuration whose selectors map only contains
// observatory_ui, and remove observatory_ui from the original
// selectors. The only mutable value in the map is the selectors, so a
// shallow copy is safe.
var observatoryConfiguration = Map<String, dynamic>.from(configuration);
var observatorySelectors = {
'observatory_ui': selectors['observatory_ui']
// Set the packages flag.
observatoryConfiguration['packages'] =
return [
..._expandConfigurations(configuration, selectors),
observatoryConfiguration, observatorySelectors)
return _expandConfigurations(configuration, selectors);
/// Recursively expands a configuration with multiple values per key into a
/// list of configurations with exactly one value per key.
List<TestConfiguration> _expandConfigurations(
Map<String, dynamic> data, Map<String, RegExp> selectors) {
var result = <TestConfiguration>[];
// Handles a string option containing a space-separated list of words.
listOption(String name) {
var value = data[name] as String;
if (value == null) return const <String>[];
return value
.split(" ")
.map((s) => s.trim())
.where((s) => s.isNotEmpty)
var dart2jsOptions = listOption("dart2js_options");
var vmOptions = listOption("vm_options");
var sharedOptions = listOption("shared_options");
var experimentNames = data["enable-experiment"] as String;
var experiments = [
if (experimentNames != null) ...experimentNames.split(",")
// JSON reporting implies listing and reporting.
if (data['report_in_json'] as bool) {
data['list'] = true;
data['report'] = true;
// Use verbose progress indication for verbose output unless buildbot
// progress indication is requested.
if ((data['verbose'] as bool) &&
(data['progress'] as String) != 'buildbot') {
data['progress'] = 'verbose';
var systemName = data["system"] as String;
if (systemName == "all") {
_fail("Can only use '--system=all' with '--find-configurations'.");
var system = System.find(systemName);
var runtimeNames = data["runtime"] as String;
var runtimes = [
if (runtimeNames != null) ...runtimeNames.split(",").map(Runtime.find)
var compilerNames = data["compiler"] as String;
var compilers = [
if (compilerNames != null) ...compilerNames.split(",").map(Compiler.find)
// Pick default compilers or runtimes if only one or the other is provided.
if (runtimes.isEmpty) {
if (compilers.isEmpty) {
runtimes = [Runtime.vm];
compilers = [Compiler.dartk];
} else {
// Pick a runtime for each compiler.
runtimes.addAll( => compiler.defaultRuntime));
} else if (compilers.isEmpty) {
// Pick a compiler for each runtime.
compilers.addAll( => runtime.defaultCompiler));
var progress = Progress.find(data["progress"] as String);
var nnbdMode = NnbdMode.find(data["nnbd"] as String);
void addConfiguration(Configuration innerConfiguration,
[String namedConfiguration]) {
var configuration = TestConfiguration(
configuration: innerConfiguration,
progress: progress,
selectors: selectors,
build: data["build"] as bool,
testList: data["test_list_contents"] as List<String>,
repeat: data["repeat"] as int,
batch: !(data["no_batch"] as bool),
copyCoreDumps: data["copy_coredumps"] as bool,
rr: data["rr"] as bool,
isVerbose: data["verbose"] as bool,
listTests: data["list"] as bool,
listStatusFiles: data["list_status_files"] as bool,
cleanExit: data["clean_exit"] as bool,
silentFailures: data["silent_failures"] as bool,
printTiming: data["time"] as bool,
printReport: data["report"] as bool,
reportFailures: data["report_failures"] as bool,
reportInJson: data["report_in_json"] as bool,
resetBrowser: data["reset_browser_configuration"] as bool,
writeDebugLog: data["write_debug_log"] as bool,
writeResults: data["write_results"] as bool,
writeLogs: data["write_logs"] as bool,
drtPath: data["drt"] as String,
chromePath: data["chrome"] as String,
safariPath: data["safari"] as String,
firefoxPath: data["firefox"] as String,
dartPath: data["dart"] as String,
dartPrecompiledPath: data["dart_precompiled"] as String,
genSnapshotPath: data["gen-snapshot"] as String,
keepGeneratedFiles: data["keep_generated_files"] as bool,
taskCount: data["tasks"] as int,
shardCount: data["shards"] as int,
shard: data["shard"] as int,
stepName: data["step_name"] as String,
testServerPort: data["test_server_port"] as int,
data['test_server_cross_origin_port'] as int,
testDriverErrorPort: data["test_driver_error_port"] as int,
localIP: data["local_ip"] as String,
sharedOptions: <String>[
packages: data["packages"] as String,
data['service_response_sizes_directory'] as String,
suiteDirectory: data["suite_dir"] as String,
outputDirectory: data["output_directory"] as String,
_reproducingCommand(data, namedConfiguration != null),
fastTestsOnly: data["fast_tests"] as bool,
printPassingStdout: data["print_passing_stdout"] as bool);
if (configuration.validate()) {
} else if (namedConfiguration != null) {
_fail('The named configuration "$namedConfiguration" is invalid.');
var namedConfigurationOption = data["named_configuration"] as String;
if (namedConfigurationOption != null) {
var namedConfigurations = namedConfigurationOption.split(',');
var testMatrix = TestMatrix.fromPath(_testMatrixFile);
for (var namedConfiguration in namedConfigurations) {
var configuration = testMatrix.configurations.singleWhere(
(c) => == namedConfiguration,
orElse: () => null);
if (configuration == null) {
var names = testMatrix.configurations
.map((configuration) =>
_fail('The named configuration "$namedConfiguration" does not exist.'
' The following configurations are available:\n'
' * ${names.join('\n * ')}');
addConfiguration(configuration, namedConfiguration);
return result;
// Expand runtimes.
var configurationNumber = 1;
for (var runtime in runtimes) {
// Expand architectures.
var architectures = data["arch"] as String;
if (architectures == "all") {
architectures = "ia32,x64,x64c,simarm,simarm64,simarm64c";
for (var architectureName in architectures.split(",")) {
var architecture = Architecture.find(architectureName);
// Expand compilers.
for (var compiler in compilers) {
// Expand modes.
var modes = (data["mode"] as String) ??;
if (modes == "all") modes = "debug,release,product";
for (var modeName in modes.split(",")) {
var mode = Mode.find(modeName);
// Expand sanitizers.
var sanitizers = (data["sanitizer"] as String) ?? "none";
if (sanitizers == "all") {
sanitizers = "none,asan,lsan,msan,tsan,ubsan";
for (var sanitizerName in sanitizers.split(",")) {
var sanitizer = Sanitizer.find(sanitizerName);
var configuration = Configuration(
nnbdMode: nnbdMode,
sanitizer: sanitizer,
timeout: data["timeout"] as int,
enableAsserts: data["enable_asserts"] as bool,
useAnalyzerCfe: data["use_cfe"] as bool,
data["analyzer_use_fasta_parser"] as bool,
useElf: data["use_elf"] as bool,
useSdk: data["use_sdk"] as bool,
useHotReload: data["hot_reload"] as bool,
useHotReloadRollback: data["hot_reload_rollback"] as bool,
isHostChecked: data["host_checked"] as bool,
isCsp: data["csp"] as bool,
isMinified: data["minified"] as bool,
vmOptions: vmOptions,
dart2jsOptions: dart2jsOptions,
experiments: experiments,
babel: data['babel'] as String,
builderTag: data["builder_tag"] as String,
useQemu: data["use_qemu"] as bool);
return result;
/// Expands the test selectors into a suite name and a simple regular
/// expression to be used on the full path of a test file in that test suite.
/// If no selectors are explicitly given, uses the default suite patterns.
Map<String, RegExp> _expandSelectors(Map<String, dynamic> configuration) {
var selectors = configuration['selectors'];
if (selectors == null) {
if (configuration['suite_dir'] != null) {
var suitePath = Path(configuration['suite_dir'] as String);
selectors = [suitePath.filename];
} else if (configuration['test_list_contents'] != null) {
selectors = (configuration['test_list_contents'] as List<String>)
.map((t) => t.split('/').first)
} else {
selectors = _defaultTestSelectors.toList();
var excludeSuites = configuration['exclude_suite'] != null
? (configuration['exclude_suite'] as String).split(',')
: [];
for (var exclude in excludeSuites) {
if ((selectors as List).contains(exclude)) {
} else {
print("Warning: default selectors does not contain $exclude");
var selectorMap = <String, RegExp>{};
for (var i = 0; i < (selectors as List).length; i++) {
var pattern = selectors[i] as String;
var suite = pattern;
var slashLocation = pattern.indexOf('/');
if (slashLocation != -1) {
suite = pattern.substring(0, slashLocation);
pattern = pattern.substring(slashLocation + 1);
pattern = pattern.replaceAll('*', '.*');
} else {
pattern = ".?";
if (selectorMap.containsKey(suite)) {
_fail("Error: '$suite/$pattern'. Only one test selection"
" pattern is allowed to start with '$suite/'");
selectorMap[suite] = RegExp(pattern);
return selectorMap;
/// Print out usage information.
void _printHelp({bool verbose}) {
var buffer = StringBuffer();
buffer.writeln('''The Dart SDK's internal test runner.
Usage: dart tools/test.dart [options] [selector]
The optional selector limits the tests that will be run. For example, the
selector "language/issue", or equivalently "language/*issue*", limits to test
files matching the regexp ".*issue.*\\.dart" in the "tests/language" directory.
If you specify only a runtime ("-r"), then an appropriate default compiler will
be chosen for that runtime. Likewise, if you specify only a compiler ("-c"),
then a matching runtime is chosen. If neither compiler nor runtime is selected,
the test is run directly from source on the VM.
for (var option in _options) {
if (!verbose && option.verboseOnly) continue;
if (option.abbreviation != null) {
buffer.write("-${option.abbreviation}, ");
} else {
buffer.write(" ");
switch (option.type) {
case _OptionValueType.bool:
// No value.
case _OptionValueType.string:
if (option.values.length > 6) {
// If there are many options, they won't fit nicely in one line and
// should be instead listed in the description.
} else if (option.values.isNotEmpty) {
} else {
if (option.type != _OptionValueType.bool &&
option.defaultValue != null &&
option.defaultValue != "") {
buffer.write(" (defaults to ${option.defaultValue})");
.writeln(" ${option.description.replaceAll('\n', '\n ')}");
if (!verbose) {
buffer.write('Pass "--verbose" to see more options.');
_Option _findByAbbreviation(String abbreviation) {
for (var option in _options) {
if (abbreviation == option.abbreviation) return option;
return null;
_Option _findByName(String name) {
for (var option in _options) {
if (name == return option;
// Allow hyphens instead of underscores as the separator since they are
// more common for command line flags.
if (name =="_", "-")) return option;
return null;
/// Exception thrown when the arguments could not be parsed.
class OptionParseException implements Exception {
final String message;
/// Prints the names of the configurations in the test matrix that match the
/// given filter options.
/// If any of the options `--system`, `--arch`, `--mode`, `--compiler`,
/// `--nnbd`, or `--runtime` (or their abbreviations) are passed, then only
/// configurations matching those are shown.
void findConfigurations(Map<String, dynamic> options) {
var testMatrix = TestMatrix.fromPath('tools/bots/test_matrix.json');
// Default to only showing configurations for the current machine.
var systemOption = options['system'] as String;
var system =;
if (systemOption == 'all') {
system = null;
} else if (systemOption != null) {
system = System.find(systemOption);
var architectureOption = options['arch'] as String;
var architectures = const [Architecture.x64];
if (architectureOption == 'all') {
architectures = null;
} else if (architectureOption != null) {
architectures =
var mode = Mode.release;
if (options.containsKey('mode')) {
mode = Mode.find(options['mode'] as String);
Compiler compiler;
if (options.containsKey('compiler')) {
compiler = Compiler.find(options['compiler'] as String);
Runtime runtime;
if (options.containsKey('runtime')) {
runtime = Runtime.find(options['runtime'] as String);
NnbdMode nnbdMode;
if (options.containsKey('nnbd')) {
nnbdMode = NnbdMode.find(options['nnbd'] as String);
var names = <String>[];
for (var configuration in testMatrix.configurations) {
if (system != null && configuration.system != system) continue;
if (architectures != null &&
!architectures.contains(configuration.architecture)) {
if (mode != null && configuration.mode != mode) continue;
if (compiler != null && configuration.compiler != compiler) continue;
if (runtime != null && configuration.runtime != runtime) continue;
if (nnbdMode != null && configuration.nnbdMode != nnbdMode) continue;
var filters = [
if (system != null) "system=$system",
if (architectures != null) "arch=${architectures.join(',')}",
if (mode != null) "mode=$mode",
if (compiler != null) "compiler=$compiler",
if (runtime != null) "runtime=$runtime",
if (nnbdMode != null) "nnbd=$nnbdMode",
if (filters.isEmpty) {
print("All configurations:");
} else {
print("Configurations where ${filters.join(', ')}:");
for (var name in names) {
print("- $name");
/// Prints the names of the configurations in the test matrix.
void listConfigurations(Map<String, dynamic> options) {
var testMatrix = TestMatrix.fromPath('tools/bots/test_matrix.json');
var names = testMatrix.configurations
.map((configuration) =>
/// Throws an [OptionParseException] with [message].
void _fail(String message) {
throw OptionParseException(message);
// Returns a map of environment variables to be used with sanitizers.
final Map<String, String> sanitizerEnvironmentVariables = (() {
final environment = <String, String>{};
final testMatrixFile = "tools/bots/test_matrix.json";
final config = json.decode(File(testMatrixFile).readAsStringSync());
config['sanitizer_options'].forEach((String key, dynamic value) {
environment[key] = value as String;
var symbolizerPath =
config['sanitizer_symbolizer'][Platform.operatingSystem] as String;
if (symbolizerPath != null) {
symbolizerPath = path.join(Directory.current.path, symbolizerPath);
environment['ASAN_SYMBOLIZER_PATH'] = symbolizerPath;
environment['LSAN_SYMBOLIZER_PATH'] = symbolizerPath;
environment['MSAN_SYMBOLIZER_PATH'] = symbolizerPath;
environment['TSAN_SYMBOLIZER_PATH'] = symbolizerPath;
environment['UBSAN_SYMBOLIZER_PATH'] = symbolizerPath;
return environment;