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// Copyright (c) 2012, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
#include "include/dart_api.h"
#include "lib/invocation_mirror.h"
#include "platform/assert.h"
#include "platform/globals.h"
#include "vm/allocation.h"
#include "vm/ast.h"
#include "vm/class_finalizer.h"
#include "vm/hash_table.h"
#include "vm/kernel.h"
#include "vm/object.h"
#include "vm/raw_object.h"
#include "vm/scopes.h"
#include "vm/token.h"
namespace dart {
// Forward declarations.
namespace kernel {
class ScopeBuildingResult;
} // namespace kernel
class ArgumentsDescriptor;
class Isolate;
class LocalScope;
class LocalVariable;
struct RegExpCompileData;
class SourceLabel;
template <typename T>
class GrowableArray;
class Parser;
struct CatchParamDesc;
class ClassDesc;
struct MemberDesc;
struct ParamList;
struct QualIdent;
class TopLevel;
class RecursionChecker;
// The class ParsedFunction holds the result of parsing a function.
class ParsedFunction : public ZoneAllocated {
ParsedFunction(Thread* thread, const Function& function);
const Function& function() const { return function_; }
const Code& code() const { return code_; }
SequenceNode* node_sequence() const { return node_sequence_; }
void SetNodeSequence(SequenceNode* node_sequence);
RegExpCompileData* regexp_compile_data() const {
return regexp_compile_data_;
void SetRegExpCompileData(RegExpCompileData* regexp_compile_data);
LocalVariable* function_type_arguments() const {
return function_type_arguments_;
void set_function_type_arguments(LocalVariable* function_type_arguments) {
ASSERT(function_type_arguments != NULL);
function_type_arguments_ = function_type_arguments;
LocalVariable* parent_type_arguments() const {
return parent_type_arguments_;
void set_parent_type_arguments(LocalVariable* parent_type_arguments) {
ASSERT(parent_type_arguments != NULL);
parent_type_arguments_ = parent_type_arguments;
void set_default_parameter_values(ZoneGrowableArray<const Instance*>* list) {
default_parameter_values_ = list;
#if defined(DEBUG)
if (list == NULL) return;
for (intptr_t i = 0; i < list->length(); i++) {
ASSERT(list->At(i)->IsZoneHandle() || list->At(i)->IsReadOnly());
const Instance& DefaultParameterValueAt(intptr_t i) const {
ASSERT(default_parameter_values_ != NULL);
return *default_parameter_values_->At(i);
ZoneGrowableArray<const Instance*>* default_parameter_values() const {
return default_parameter_values_;
LocalVariable* current_context_var() const { return current_context_var_; }
bool has_arg_desc_var() const { return arg_desc_var_ != NULL; }
LocalVariable* arg_desc_var() const { return arg_desc_var_; }
LocalVariable* expression_temp_var() const {
return expression_temp_var_;
void set_expression_temp_var(LocalVariable* value) {
expression_temp_var_ = value;
bool has_expression_temp_var() const { return expression_temp_var_ != NULL; }
LocalVariable* entry_points_temp_var() const {
return entry_points_temp_var_;
void set_entry_points_temp_var(LocalVariable* value) {
entry_points_temp_var_ = value;
bool has_entry_points_temp_var() const {
return entry_points_temp_var_ != NULL;
LocalVariable* finally_return_temp_var() const {
return finally_return_temp_var_;
void set_finally_return_temp_var(LocalVariable* value) {
finally_return_temp_var_ = value;
bool has_finally_return_temp_var() const {
return finally_return_temp_var_ != NULL;
void EnsureFinallyReturnTemp(bool is_async);
LocalVariable* EnsureExpressionTemp();
LocalVariable* EnsureEntryPointsTemp();
bool HasDeferredPrefixes() const { return deferred_prefixes_->length() != 0; }
ZoneGrowableArray<const LibraryPrefix*>* deferred_prefixes() const {
return deferred_prefixes_;
void AddDeferredPrefix(const LibraryPrefix& prefix);
ZoneGrowableArray<const Field*>* guarded_fields() const {
return guarded_fields_;
VariableIndex first_parameter_index() const { return first_parameter_index_; }
int num_stack_locals() const { return num_stack_locals_; }
void AllocateVariables();
void AllocateIrregexpVariables(intptr_t num_stack_locals);
void AllocateBytecodeVariables(intptr_t num_stack_locals);
void record_await() { have_seen_await_expr_ = true; }
bool have_seen_await() const { return have_seen_await_expr_; }
bool is_forwarding_stub() const {
return forwarding_stub_super_target_ != nullptr;
const Function* forwarding_stub_super_target() const {
return forwarding_stub_super_target_;
void MarkForwardingStub(const Function* forwarding_target) {
forwarding_stub_super_target_ = forwarding_target;
Thread* thread() const { return thread_; }
Isolate* isolate() const { return thread_->isolate(); }
Zone* zone() const { return thread_->zone(); }
// Adds only relevant fields: field must be unique and its guarded_cid()
// relevant.
void AddToGuardedFields(const Field* field) const;
void Bailout(const char* origin, const char* reason) const;
kernel::ScopeBuildingResult* EnsureKernelScopes();
LocalVariable* RawTypeArgumentsVariable() const {
return raw_type_arguments_var_;
void SetRawTypeArgumentsVariable(LocalVariable* raw_type_arguments_var) {
raw_type_arguments_var_ = raw_type_arguments_var;
void SetRawParameters(ZoneGrowableArray<LocalVariable*>* raw_parameters) {
raw_parameters_ = raw_parameters;
LocalVariable* RawParameterVariable(intptr_t i) const {
return raw_parameters_->At(i);
void SetDefaultFunctionTypeArguments(const TypeArguments& value) {
default_function_type_arguments_ = value.raw();
const TypeArguments& DefaultFunctionTypeArguments() const {
return default_function_type_arguments_;
Thread* thread_;
const Function& function_;
Code& code_;
SequenceNode* node_sequence_;
RegExpCompileData* regexp_compile_data_;
LocalVariable* function_type_arguments_;
LocalVariable* parent_type_arguments_;
LocalVariable* current_context_var_;
LocalVariable* arg_desc_var_;
LocalVariable* expression_temp_var_;
LocalVariable* entry_points_temp_var_;
LocalVariable* finally_return_temp_var_;
ZoneGrowableArray<const LibraryPrefix*>* deferred_prefixes_;
ZoneGrowableArray<const Field*>* guarded_fields_;
ZoneGrowableArray<const Instance*>* default_parameter_values_;
LocalVariable* raw_type_arguments_var_;
ZoneGrowableArray<LocalVariable*>* raw_parameters_ = nullptr;
VariableIndex first_parameter_index_;
int num_stack_locals_;
bool have_seen_await_expr_;
const Function* forwarding_stub_super_target_ = nullptr;
kernel::ScopeBuildingResult* kernel_scopes_;
TypeArguments& default_function_type_arguments_;
friend class Parser;
class Parser : public ValueObject {
// Parse a function to retrieve parameter information that is not retained in
// the Function object. Returns either an error if the parse fails (which
// could be the case for local functions), or a flat array of entries for each
// parameter. Each parameter entry contains: * a Dart bool indicating whether
// the parameter was declared final * its default value (or null if none was
// declared) * an array of metadata (or null if no metadata was declared).
enum {
} // namespace dart