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// Errors:
// pkg/front_end/testcases/inference_new/infer_field_getter_setter_mismatch.dart:16:24: Error: The return type of the method 'B::x' is dart.core::int, which does not match the return type of the overridden method (dart.core::double).
// Change to a subtype of dart.core::double.
// var /*@topType=int*/ x;
// ^
library test;
import self as self;
import "dart:core" as core;
abstract class A extends core::Object {
synthetic constructor •() void
: super core::Object::•()
abstract get x() core::int;
abstract set x(core::double value) void;
class B extends self::A {
field core::int x = null;
synthetic constructor •() void
: super self::A::•()
static method main() dynamic {}