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// Errors:
// pkg/front_end/testcases/inference/constructors_inference_f_bounded.dart:22:110: Error: Can't use a super-bounded type for instance creation. Got 'test::Pair<test::Clonable<dynamic>, test::Clonable<dynamic>>'.
// Specify a regular-bounded type instead of the super-bounded type. Note that the latter may be due to type inference.
// new /*error:COULD_NOT_INFER,error:COULD_NOT_INFER*/ /*@typeArgs=Clonable<dynamic>, Clonable<dynamic>*/ Pair
// ^
library test;
import self as self;
import "dart:core" as core;
class Clonable<T extends core::Object = dynamic> extends core::Object {
synthetic constructor •() void
: super core::Object::•()
class Pair<T extends self::Clonable<self::Pair::T> = self::Clonable<dynamic>, U extends self::Clonable<self::Pair::U> = self::Clonable<dynamic>> extends core::Object {
generic-covariant-impl field self::Pair::T t;
generic-covariant-impl field self::Pair::U u;
constructor •(self::Pair::T t, self::Pair::U u) void
: self::Pair::t = t, self::Pair::u = u, super core::Object::•()
constructor _() void
: self::Pair::u = null, self::Pair::t = null, super core::Object::•()
get reversed() self::Pair<self::Pair::U, self::Pair::T>
return new self::Pair::•<self::Pair::U, self::Pair::T>(this.{self::Pair::u}, this.{self::Pair::t});
static method main() dynamic {
final self::Pair<self::Clonable<dynamic>, self::Clonable<dynamic>> x = new self::Pair::_<self::Clonable<dynamic>, self::Clonable<dynamic>>();