Remove OutlineListener.

Revert "Store named types resolution during outline building."

This reverts commit 82947cccc9c33c1738286910472935bed6b4a9bd.

Revert "Store reference/type for invalid types."

This reverts commit 9fb6c0901504a57120c3e2a96d7ecad5bab008b0.

Revert "Clear ShadowX references that are not required after compilation."

This reverts commit 6c39bc38f33552b839887b2e6f98695c81c25b4e.

Revert "Store constructor field initializera when the target is not a field."

This reverts commit 12326c10e188352f133f220381b6800a48f20ba7.

Revert "Don't rewrite error Severity for special cases of front-end testing."

This reverts commit 4bb3fb6caeabac6f9b3de7980883ba3dbffb4c17.

Revert "Translate ConstructorElement(s) of parameterized InterfaceType(s) to ConstructorMember(s)."

This reverts commit 62a2752b965b665adbec6bf244570b34476fd40f.

Revert "Store resolution for out of range integer literals."

This reverts commit 8df84c0a00fb7af3eae8a9fbed6bbd325076e3df.

Revert "Infer original expression in SyntheticExpressionJudgment."

This reverts commit cec29e4aa8242ab8753c629e04cf0771f3f2e358.

Revert "Resolve invalid 'as' constant expression."

This reverts commit 77202bf2b03451a64ecd9fe9885f961a640b72e8.

Revert "Resolve invalid return from constructor."

This reverts commit 737e54693999caf34422839979e409f6d8ece61d.

Revert "Store import prefix offset into metadata and resynthesize."

This reverts commit c30af508a457e119a7542a61a23e0469a9e15d38.

Revert "Get documentation comments before metadata as well."

This reverts commit 29401573d5eb588e457afc7619e8ab8f17d936c3.

Revert "Put fileEndOffset into ArgumentsJudgment and use to report argument errors."

This reverts commit d69a354026ebbc132ee340184a3c4276b9942852.

Revert "Return SourceSpan with actual length from _CompilationMessage."

This reverts commit ac973e5ba79963023c2bee09b130484827a2da59.

Revert "Store codeOffset / codeLength for classes."

This reverts commit 28583df3ee0744bb4b689a72d73809b4a0e7681b.

Revert "Store and resynthesize codeOffset/codeLength for functions and methods."

This reverts commit 5a2a13c8bfb238b4cdf15c8c6fea254f333fb81a.

Revert "Fix analyzer/FE integration of invalid assignments to classes."

This reverts commit a814614cf4f130160d36e63ac0263a4151b66481.

Revert "Fix analyzer/FE integration of assignments to non-l-values."

This reverts commit d10204f3a00b4b9956568ded862ac2e95dc99c75.

Revert "Fix analyzer/FE integration of assignments to ambiguous types."

This reverts commit e87efdffb4a0a8427a1dca766bbc716bad90e1a4.

Revert "Fix analyzer/FE integration of assignments to ambiguous types."

This reverts commit 1b5d273fd73227cab3c6a6ee843950292b14d109.

Revert "Fix analyzer/FE integration of assignment with synthetic LHS."

This reverts commit 55aa031404f36d181daf5f5b27424da431ee2e3e.

Revert "Revert "Fix analyzer/FE integration of assignments to ambiguous types.""

This reverts commit 9f795883f10b86f42e016ee287d8f2ab43f9ea17.

Revert "Store code range for constructors."

This reverts commit 675b296d493818d1838b57a24d8251c1f3aeebab.

Revert "Store codeOffset/length code fields and top-level variables."

This reverts commit 9ef53bde19d00bffdd00093f254dec9c54d17634.

Revert "Re-land "Fix analyzer/FE integration of assignments to ambiguous types.""

This reverts commit 40d72aec8cc75d79bcc8f3a52f761ade6d53b9eb.

Revert "Resolve metadata for part-of directives."

This reverts commit cf1cd3eba0f2af8f60d7b82b186821b6aa79e612.

Revert "Fix analyzer/FE integration of assignment with synthetic LHS, inside class method."

This reverts commit 43a8f1d0d65628004951b794188198454d8f5d73.

Revert "Fix analyzer/FE integration of prefix/postfix increment of non-l-values."

This reverts commit e2aceb692e36ac526ebd2454eaa846b305378e9d.

Revert "Fix analyzer/FE integration of postfix-of-postfix and prefix-of-prefix increments."

This reverts commit ad6f89f13b1419a7858b168291de02d4aa093dd9.

Revert "Fix analyzer/FE integration of some obscure invalid assignment cases."

This reverts commit f074f3c120303ba3a1aea265102e6924f3ae3d55.

Revert "Resolve namespace combinators."

This reverts commit 7e39d07916b29c0ceba263b74f1352cdc7971af0.

Revert "Fix analyzer/CFE integration of some more obscure invalid assignment cases."

This reverts commit a94e43af7ce5865b8d2e2736cc7e3c4ea0cd02c4.

Revert "Refactor duplicate code in ContextAwareGenerator."

This reverts commit 1f82d37124709a8cb2043022c61f705feee2ce3a.

Revert "Resolve required arguments after named."

This reverts commit b255f0fab68342d8b15b93febd69d3a4908c24f4.

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